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Smaller cities like Austin and Nashville are a threat to more places than just Atlanta and although they are having a massive explosion of growth, they are facing problems as well. Austin is expected to literally electricity invented double in size by 2030 (that’s literally only 10 years and Austin will be the size of current day San Antonio). They are building like crazy here but can they keep up with the infrastructure to support those masses? It’s a tough call.

Austin and to a degree even Nashville seem gas zone pricing to be attracting ALOT of people from the Pacific and driving the CoL through the roof as people are selling million dollar homes in California and buying 4 properties in Austin and leasing them out making home ownership for the middle class a pipe dream. Austin is already to a decree where if you want to own a home you need a combined income of atleast $80k to do it comfortably assuming no other debts as the median home price here electricity rates el paso is about $350k give or take. That’s higher than even Chicago.

People are leaving for better jobs (like myself), less congestion (Everyone), and a lower cost of living (Californians) and these cities seem to sell unique vibes about themselves which only increases their allure. I feel these are the reasons people are getting fed up with larger cities and moving out especially e85 gas stations in iowa if employment means allows them to do so.

Austin’s growth is amazing when one realizes in 1990, it, Charlotte, Nashville, Raleigh and Denver were all the same size and now its larger than them all but Denver. San Antonio is a grey area in terms of comparison because its k electric bill payment online actually larger than Dallas or Fort Worth but it lacks suburbs of size,, thus, from an MSA standpoint, its less than one third the size of D/FW. Texas central location and border with Mexico are huge benefits for business.

With regard to compensation, look at average or median income in the big MSAs in Texas electric utility companies charge customers for and they are very competitive. Tech and Energy sectors pay well. Energy is a goldmine because it pays well for blue collar workers too. Out in the Permian Basin and offshore, unemployment is nil. Truckers, roughnecks, support people are making $80K. Fuel prices have been up in part because more pipelines in west Texas needed to be built to bring product to market…again blue collar construction jobs.

D/FW was number one for construction jobs in 2018. Check out Cranewatch for Austin – reports are Google just leased a 35 story building just under gas block dimple jig construction downtown. and Facebook just opened or have new facilities opening in Austin.…panding-austin – this link reports on Google, Amazon, FB and gas explosion in texas Apple expansion.

Apple’s $1billion campus north of downtown will get underway this year collar construction. Those Tech folks need places to live. Guess where the largest homebuilder in north America is based,…3 hours north in Fort Worth – D.R. Horton, again, guys with skills in Trade will stay busy in Texas the next 3 years for sure. Do you know what stay has more wind energy than any other …Texas. In fact, Jeff Bezos was in Texas in 2018, celebrating Amazon’s new wind farm, west of Abilene. I work in finance and track a lot of regional on q gas station okc economies. This state is not shy in going after business and is very business oriented, sometimes too much.