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Hey Bob: Good question and I probably should clarify my instructions a bit more. By far the best method is to heat the hash oil indirectly in a small ramekin or pyrex in a pot of canola oil in lieu of water (lift ramekin off bottom of pot with bamboo skewers or chopsticks). Water can only get to 212ºF at sea level and it’s violent as all heck and gets everywhere. Plus, it doesn’t even get hot enough for our needs. Oil can get and stay hot, so be very careful with this. I have my infrared thermometer in my hand pretty much the whole time I’m decarbing my oil, and am stirring it constantly. The other option is to get your oven or toaster oven to exactly 250º and put your hash oil and heatproof container in there for 30 minutes. Bubbling should occur and you know thing are going right. electricity and magnetism worksheets When it stops, take it out. If you only have a small amount of hash oil (1-2 grams), we’ve found a tiny bit of coconut oil (1:1 ratio approx) helps get it all out of the ramekin/pyrex/heating vessel. If you have disposable oral syringes or pipettes, it makes it VERY handy to get all that viscous oil from the bottom of the container. Good luck and please let us know how things turn out!

We used straight, warmed hash oil, which is pretty thin when warmed. It took a bit of vegetable glycerine to make the oil blend with the gelatin, but it seemed to work well. Make sure to dust them with corn starch or powdered sugar when you’re done, and keep them cool and dry. Again: to figure out strength per piece and you know your concentrate’s THC percentage, it’s beyond easy to figure out dosage per piece. Let’s say you wanted 50 mg per gummy and you wanted to make 20 gummies: 50 mg x 20 pieces = 1000 mg THC. Let’s say you have some sweet 80% wax/oil, so 1000 mg / .80 (80%) = 1250 mg of your wax to equal 1000 mg THC. Let’s say you only had 55% pure THC wax/oil. You still want 1000 mg THC total, so: 1000 / .55 (55%) = 1818 mg of your wax to do the same trick. More oil per candy is usually nastier, but hey, everyone can only get their hands on certain things, so there you go… Good luck, and please let us know what happens. Medicate safely my friend, and don’t forget to decarboxylate your material or it won’t work…

Hey Mark: sorry for the delay. power generation definition We’ve been busy around here! A good dose is a great question and one that should be taken seriously. For some people, 5 mg of THC is enough, though the state of Colorado considers 10 mg a single dose for non-medical users. For others, 80 mg may give barely a buzz. It all comes down to your individual tolerance, metabolism and body chemistry. It literally used to take 250-300 mg THC for me to feel anything. I’ve cut way back since, and now 60-70 mg in candy gives me a great buzz for a couple hours and they’re totally discreet. My gummies I made for the recipe were about 6 grams in weight, so they were about 200-220 mg THC each! Very strong and very medicine-like, and from what I can remember, they were pretty horrible, but they definitely worked! My rationale now is 3 or 4 50 mg pieces are much tastier than one small, very powerful gummy. electricity 4th grade worksheet But to each their own, and whatever works for you, just do it and don’t be afraid of getting a little too stoned while testing out these recipes. Once you get it right, it’s quite awesome to whip up a batch of gummmies or candy and know you’ll get the same result every time.

Hey Steven: So glad you found us! The magic of this recipe is that you can make these candies as strong or as weak as you need them to be. It really is quite simple to figure out the dosage per piece of candy. Take the total weight of concentrate (let’s use 2 Grams or 2000 Milligrams as an example). Most concentrates are 60-80% pure THC, so with 2 grams of wax at 70% purity, you’re looking at 2 Grams (2000 mg) x .70 (70%) = 1400 mg THC. Take that number and divide it by the number of pieces of candy and you have your exact dosage per piece. Easy peasy! With the example given, if you made 20 gummies, they’d have 70 mg THC each. Make 40 pieces of candy and you have 35 mg THC each. Mind you, that’s a pretty strong dose, even for patients with high tolerances!!! Good luck and medicate safely and please let us know what happens. Also, don’t forget, you can add a little coconut oil when decarbing small amounts of wax. That stuff is sticky and you lose a lot to the side of the container if you don’t use the coconut oil. It still works either way, you just get all your goodies out of the decarbing vessel when you use a little bit of coconut oil. It just helps get it all out of the container is all… The glycerin (if needed at all) helps the hash oil bind to the gelatin-candy mixture a little better. electricity lesson plans year 6 Trust us when the oil is mixed into the candy rather than just floating on top. That’s nasty 🙂

I want to try a gummie recipie and the ones I have looked at call for the glycerin to be added to help bind the kiefe or hash to the water and jello. I cant make keife because all I have is sugar leaf and when I run it through a grinder it just gives me smaller bits of leaf in the bottom level. So I decided to use a hash oil instead but for two days in a row the couple shops I went to were out of butane. Was thinking to just infuse the glycerin itself (which could also be used for lotions) but I assume the jello would only hold, maybe, 20 ml of glycerin without losing its gummie property? I don’t know, and I only have enough to try a couple ideas. Any thoughts? Will 20 ml of glycerin be enough to get an affect from 4 or so (that’s ideal) gummies (each bactch would be about 20 ml of glycerin to about 20 gummies, so 1 mg a piece, or could I add more? lol) Any other thoughts on how to make these gummies? My best friend is only 25 and lupus has taken the use of her left leg and her left eye, she is always in pain and I am really hoping to come up with a way to help her with her pain that will be acceptable in the house and doesn’t involve the gross and expensive opiate prescriptions. Any advice would be appreciated as I have only used butter in the past and have never ventured beyond that. Thanks. Really banking on the gummies, it would be perfect. gas prices going up in michigan Just need to figure out the best way to infuse the sugar leaf into the treat.

Ok so I need help with a couple of things. I’ve never been high off an edible before. I tried 2 different times and neither worked. So I’ve been looking to make my own brownies and I’ve read about decarbing the bud on a baking sheet in the oven and I was curious if that was the best way to do it because if you do that and then cook it in butter or oil or whatever and then bake the brownies wouldn’t you be cooking the thc and losing it? I may have thought too much into it idk but I’d like some help with the best way to make them the first time. And I was wondering if anyone can give their opinions on making them with butter vs coconut oil? I’d like to try coconut oil because I hear it extracts the thc better. The second thing is, probably after I successfully make brownies, I want to make some sour gummies. Now I was wondering what to use to make these? I don’t think

You can use oil just like brownies?.. so should I use oil? Like shatter ? Or something like a distillate? Anybody who has experience and can help me out I will greatly appreciate it. I want to make edibles very badly but I just don’t want to mess up or have it be a waste. ALSO let me know the best amount of bud to put into both of those^^ for something stronger than beginners but nothing that will kill you.

Hey There: We’ve all been there and I can tell you how frustrating it is to make what you think is the greatest edible in the world and it doesn’t work! Decarboxylate your weed first and foremost! Spread your ground up weed on a cookie sheet and place in preheated oven 240ºF for 30 minutes. THC does not evaporate or boil off at this temperature, so there is no need to cover your weed (though your house will definitely smell like weed). This is a misconception!!! After decarb, you can infuse the plant matter into butter or coconut oil (coco oil being higher in saturated fat, so technically holds more THC than butter). You will want to use wax/shatter for gummies, as you’ll need far less oil per candy, plus if you put too much oil in the gummy mix, the candy may not set up properly and be too sticky to deal with. Not fun.

Good rule of thumb: 1 oz flower per 1 pound of butter or 14 oz coconut oil. electricity symbols and units Given a modest 15% THC in 1 oz weed, that yields approx. 420 total MG of THC for the butter or oil. There are 32 Tablespoons in a pound of butter, so 420 mg THC / 32 Tablespoons = 13.125 mg THC per Tablespoon of butter. Given the state of Colorado considers 10 mg THC to be a recreational dose, this should be a great place to start. Of course you can use stronger weed, or more weed, but remember dry herbs soak up a lot of oil/butter, and you rarely get back 1 pound of butter after an infusion. Good luck and let us know what happens!