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Sweco is a leading architecture and engineering consultancy which has been involved in driving the delivery of renewable and lower cost heat through district heating projects for many decades across Europe. The results of our work are sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to clean water. With 14,500 employees in Northern Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every project. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. electricity generation in india Our offer: Partner and technical consultant throughout a project

Our team offers a fully integrated approach from initial energy mapping and master-planning, through to technical feasibility and business case development, design and implementation, commissioning, operations and maintenance, and even network optimisation. We work with private sector clients as well as local authorities and other public bodies supported by the Heat Network Delivery Unit under Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We are providing detailed design and engineering as well as supporting the design and build of energy centre design and heat networks for universities, private sector developers, energy service companies and contractors. References:

With more than 40 years of expertise in the energy sector, FVB is an internationally leading partner and consultant in the development of heat networks. gas 87 89 91 As a consulting firm specialised in heat networks, we have the experience and technical knowledge to provide our clients with a customised energy solution based on their needs. Our offer: A reliable partner and leading technical consultant

We offer our clients support during the entire development of a heat network business, from conceptualising, construction and commission of the network. We do not only provide our clients with technological expertise, but also support in building a long-term sustainable business model, allowing our clients to utilize their network at low energy costs.

FVB provides a 360 approach that covers all aspects related to the development of a heat networks business; the engineering and technical specifications, business assessment as well as sales and marketing. Our expertise lies in both combined heat and power solutions (CHP), power generation, biomass combustion for thermal production, geothermal neat networks, deep water cooling and thermal energy storage to mention a few.

Nordic Heat is an independent and not for profit peer-to-peer advisory service aiming to support the development of district energy and waste to energy (W2E) solutions in new markets. We do this by transferring the extensive know-how and experience developed in Scandinavia over the past 50 years. The Nordic Heat network has been established by a group of publicly owned Swedish energy operators, all with a long and proven track record of installing and operating commercial district energy systems. Our offer: independent and experienced peer-to-peer advisory service

The overriding ambition of Nordic Heat is to assist new entrants to the district energy sector in the challenging process of bringing projects beyond feasibility studies and into business planning, financing, installations and operations. electricity was invented in what year Based upon their long experience and extensive know-how, the Nordic district heating operators involved in Nordic Heat will be able to assist project teams with second opinion, peer-to-peer advice, reference cases, bench marks, selection of technologies and suppliers, training, support in commissioning, inspiration and leadership. Performance, total cost of ownership and price are always the key criteria. gasbuddy login Why Nordic Heat?

HL Hydronics offers a complete range within pressure maintaining and air separation for liquid heat systems. HL Hydronics is a company with experience from the past and products designed for the future. We constantly develop and re-think old solutions to be able to provide our customers with more efficient products that do not require any compromise and add value. Our offer: pressure control and air separation for liquid heat systems

We have created a new standard for pressure maintaining with a built-in motorised valve which gives a smooth pressure maintenance and keeps the variations to a minimum. It also allows a hysteresis of 0,2 bar. Our pressure maintaining device is a perfect match together with our vacuum de-gassing unit which is developed with the same intentions.

All of our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. The products we offer are designed to be as optimal and energy efficient as possible for the system and also the product itself. It’s important for us to create value for the complete chain from standardized manufacturing to easy installation to a stable and reliable product in the system with low maintenance cost. Why HL Hydronics?

World Thermal Service AB is a Swedish manufacturer of wood powder combustion technology. electricity transmission With WTS powder burners, our customers reduce their global emission of CO2 with over 34 thousand tonnes. WTS has worked worldwide with wood powder combustion for over 20 years. Our core business is all about enabling our customers to make the transition into renewable fuels and at the same time increase their profits. Our offer: Conversion of fossil fuel burners to renewable, biomass fuel-driven

We are a leading expert in converting oil, gas and coal fired boilers into profitable, efficient and future safe biomass-combustion in both small and large scale plants. We also supply multi-fuel wood powder combustion technology for new installations. la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 The solutions can be found across the globe and are also eligibility for the Renewable Heat Incentive system. Our strong position within this technology area is supported by our involvement in pellet production in both conventional pellet and second generation black pellet. Why WTS?