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That said, there are several key differences between this patch and the previous one. electricity jokes riddles The first big difference is that it is actually ok to pick core heroes in the first couple of rounds during the draft. You still don’t want to set your mid up against their natural counters, but first or second phase pick of Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut or many offlane heroes is a viable course of action. That means you sometimes get to pick supports in the middle of the draft and it can make open up a lot of possibilities.

Bane got his Enfeeble reworked and now it reduces attack speed instead of damage, while also increasing the duration of negative effects on affected enemies. While it does look very interesting on paper, the majority of Bane players still default to maxing out Brain Sap and Nightmare first, so the end result is that the hero isn’t that different from what we had in 7.19.

For many old players the idea of a healer Dazzle is ingrained, but it is really hard to play Dota this way in the current meta. You absolutely need this second level of Poison Touch, since it is a massive power spike for your lane presence and can turn around a bad start. Otherwise you are simply trying to salvage a bad situation, making it even worse.

As a 5th position support, personally, I had the most success going for Arcane Boots and trying to build Mekansm and Guardian Greaves if the game goes very late. Having the Greaves Aura and the active effect on a 20s cooldown tramples anything else in the price range. 950 recipe for Mekansm being the most expensive component for the early-to-mid game also makes this approach quite consistent.

Frost Shield is probably one of the best support abilities in the game and it makes Lich great. It is good in lane, on both offense and defense. It is good in midgame and it is absolutely amazing in the late game, where the majority of damage is physical auto-attacks. Coupled with massive cast range and low cast point, it makes for a very powerful tool at Lich’s disposal.

Sinister Gaze, Lich’s new ability, is probably one of the worst spells in the game—120 mana for a 1.6 second disable with a 500 cast range and a 30 second cooldown. e sampark electricity bill payment Don’t get me wrong, a disable is a disable and it can turn fights and save allies, but Sinister Gaze is just so underwhelming. It is not in an AoE, it caps at 2.4 duration as a channelling ability and its secondary effect of moving the enemy closer to you is pretty much purely cosmetic.

Lion was never truly bad. Ever since patch 7.12, which decreased the manacost of level 1 Earthspike, the hero was in a decent place. electricity transmission costs He was a hard counter to Slark, he had several disables and could fully sustain himself in lane in terms of mana. Sure, he paid for it with low starting stats, but when played smartly he could be a babysitter and an aggressor.

Everything above is still true, with the exception of being a counter to Slark. This small push of getting 50 extra damage on Finger of Death for successful kills is not what made the hero significantly stronger, but rather what made people notice him and start analyzing and exploring his potential playstyles. Turns out a level 15 +150 GPM talent is great and Lion can eventually get to some big items, if needed.

Secondly, Shaman does a lot more with space, compared to Lion. Not in terms of gold to effectiveness conversion, where the heroes are more or less equal, but in terms of map control and pushing power. The enemy team can absolutely leave the enemy Lion pushing the lane, since he does it very slowly. Shadow Shaman demands an answer, while his carry is farming the jungle.

It doesn’t mean, however, they are the only good support heroes in the game. They are just the most ubiquitous and your teammates are probably going to better understand how to play with you on their team. There are still reasons to deviate from these seven picks, especially in the later portions of the draft, though do keep in mind that communication is key, and you can’t assume your lane partner or your whole team will know how to play with you.

It’s perfectly normal for a hero to have a "signature" spell, something that makes them very powerful in the right game. The reason we have 95%+ picked or banned heroes in most major tournaments and during the International each year is because every single hero is unique and brings something or a combination of some things to the table that no other hero does. gas cap code It is what makes Dota beautiful, diverse, smart, strategic and tactical.

So, yeah, I fully agree that it is good heroes in Dota sometimes have their "good" and "bad" spells. The way I prefer to think about it is "how strong the effect is" combined with "how often it matters". Basically "situationally awesome" might be more or less equal to "always decent". "Rarely awesome" = "situationally decent", etc. etc. etc.

Also, to avoid confusion, Sinister Gaze is, in my opinion, the worst "hard disable" (fear, stun, hex, taunt) in the game—something that doesn’t allow your enemy to control their hero or use abilities. electricity vs gas heating costs I’d take it over slows and would have to look at the enemy heroes/items before thinking of whether in this particular game I’d trade Sinister Gaze for Halberd, Nullifier or Orchid Active.

But at the end of the day it is still a hard disable, it is never truly bad. It’s just worse than other hard CC and the secondary effect is cute, but not particularly useful in most cases. Though the fact that Lich now has a hard disable, shitty as it is, still makes him a better hero overall. Lich would be absolutely and completely broken if he had even something like Sven’s Hammer, Earth Spike, Light Strike Array, Shackles etc.