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I too have had a laproscopic removal of my gallbladder and recently had an xray of my abdomen and it shows two surgical clips on the right side of my body. It now makes sense to me! I have had pain on the right side of my back since that surgery and I thought it was a disc problem. I have always told the doctors that it was a pain in one area and the pain was like a catch in my back and sometimes it would just disappear? Then the "catch" would come back. I cannot even lay on my left side of my body. If I do, it seems like something is catching on the right side or moving and hurting me. How do I get a doctor to understand this or take me serious about these clips. I am almost 100% certain that the clips are what has been causing me pain all this time! I also have right side numbness that cannot be explained. The numbness happens when I am standing on my feet and runs from my thigh to my knee. I bet the two clips have something to do with that also. PLEASE HELP!!!! Who do I see about this? The surgeon that did my gallbladder surgery 10 years ago is retired. Thank you!

Go See a surgeon! I had mono for 4 years – also known as Epstein Barr Syndrome. Nobody could tell me why. I also happened to have a horrible case of IBS which just got worse after I had my gall bladder removed 6 years ago. Sometimes the diarrhea would be up to 15 times a day. I just could not get enough nutrition from the food to build my immune system and get rid of the mono. For the last couple of years, I also had a horrible pain on my right side – I went to several doctors and ER clinics over the years thinking it was my appendix. Nothing ever showed up on X-ray or ultrasound. Finally, my family doctor sent me to a surgeon suggesting exploratory surgery for adhesions. It was scary and I did not have a lot of family support on it. But it was the best decision of my life! One of the clamps my surgeon left behind from my gall bladder removal had come lose and penetrated my colon. No one could explain why it didn’t show up on tests. I also did have scar tissue that had grown over the area, attaching my colon to my ovary. All was removed and I am pain free and mono free since July of 2012 when I had my surgery. My surgeon made sure to get pictures of the clip and the area it had penetrated. Make sure yours is equipped to do the same.

I just found out I have surgical clips that were left behind after a hysorectomy. I know this sounds horrible, but my periods were so heavy from fybroids, thus the reason for the hystorectomy, that while half asleep on vacation, I didn’t know I already had a tampon and apparenly inserted another. As I said, the fybroids were so bad, flow was uncontrollable and it would look like a murder scene once a month with nothing even remotely able to protect my surroundings when I slept for the night. Sorry this sounds so gross!

Anyway,a week or more after my surgery, I was having a discharge and odor. I was scared I now had an infection. When I returned to have the staples removed,I told him about it and he did an exam. He said he told me not to use any feminine hygene products after the surgery. I told hime I didn’t and why would I? I was confused until he showed me what he pulled out. Ok, I know that’s awful sounding, but how could he have done a complete hystorectomy without seeing a tampon that was now over a month old? My immediate concern was infection…he had no concerns. In fact, I told him it seemed hard to hold it when I had to go now as well since the surgery..he said he may need to put a stitch in to prevent that and it was normal after a hystorectomy. I don’t think ANYTHING he did was normal at that point and never went back to him.