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I’ve been dreaming of going to Machu Picchu for years. A coworker recommended Alpaca Expeditions, and the company did not disappoint! Their attention to detail is out of this world. They’ve thought of everything. All we had to do was have our bags packed and show up. We found out they even give back to several local communities, more confirmation we chose the right tour company. We did the 4D/3N Classic Inca Trail Trek gas vs diesel rv. Incredible experience. The quality of our supplies were exceptional. Julio Cesar was our amazing guide, extremely knowledgeable and so patient while I would catch up with the group. The porters had our beautiful campsite set up long before we got there and gave each of us soap, water, and towel to clean up with before our meals. Chef Leonardo is nationally recognized, and his meals live up to the hype. I’ve never eaten so well. We had 4,5,6 course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He even baked me a cake for my birthday, complete with icing and a personal message. We got to eat our way through Peru without having to leave the trail. He prepares it all on one little burner, and the taste is exquisite. The itinerary was perfect for our group but is customizable if preferred. Alpaca Expeditions made us feel like one big family. We cannot say gas works park fireworks enough wonderful things about them and hope to do another tour in the future. More Show less

WOW. You must book with Alpaca Expeditions. We toured with them late September 2015 and did the classic Inca Trail. Here are reasons why you should book with Alpaca: 1. The GUIDES. Our trip guides were Lizandro and Teribbio. Lizandro was knowledgeable about the trails, plant life, mountains, and history. Teribbio was helpful. My husband’s camelbak tube came out and 2L of water filled his day pack. Teribbio stopped with my husband, took the bag and wiped out all the wetness for him. He was often checking with hikers to see if they needed help carrying their day pack. 2. THE COOK. We had Chef Mario. We were offered hot tea every morning in our tent. They gave us snacks each morning for the hike.He made us multiple course meals every day e payment electricity bill up that tasted delicious. Every dinner had a salad, soup, entrees, and dessert. We at different meals each day. Each meal was always a surprise–what has Mario cooked up for us next. We were constantly oohing and ahhing over the food. You won’t lose weight on this trip. You gain it! 3. The WAITSTAFF. Sabino was our waiter. He was dressed in a bowtie and apron and couldn’t have been sweeter. He would run from the cook’s tent to our dining tent if he thought we needed something. He smiled often. 4. The PORTERS. JUAN was the head of our 16 porters. All porters were kind, strong, and professional. Everyone did their part and did their part well. It was electricity dance moms choreography beautiful to watch them set up camp they did it so deftly. They packed up after us and set up camp before us every day. Our tents were made with the air-mats already blown up and our bags inside. These men get deserve a lot of credit for the heavy lifting they do and constant service they maintain at camp. 5. PLANNED WELL. From start to finish Alpaca answered numerous emails from our group to them before we left. They then had all passes and transportation from hotel back to hotel so perfectly timed. We did not have to worry about a thing. Visas, bus tickets, train tickets–everything was taken care of. We did have one small error with c gastronomie vitam the registering/printing of passes for the trail at the beginning (NOT Alpaca’s fault! They were used to this thing being okay with the officials, this day it was not.) and one of the guides stayed with our group member and made absolutely sure the pass was taken care of quickly. They ended up registering and buying a new pass for our member and faxing that over within 30 minutes. This trip was absolutely unbelievable. The views along the hike are great. But Alpaca planned the trip well. It was a lot of hiking. It was difficult at times but it is doable–you can do it! Alpaca made sure we were taken care of each day in terms of how far we were hiking, what food we ate, and when the best times to wake up were. They made sure on the last hiking day that we were up early to get shelter in case it rained while we waited at the last gas and water company checkpoint. It did rain! But we were safe and dry! Something you should Know: There are tips you provide with your group to the porters/cooks. These are given the last camping night! So be ready for that when it arrives. We forgot to talk about our tips until that night grade 9 current electricity test at dinner and it felt a little late/rushed. Especially because there was a little ceremony type of thing where we could give a speech to our porters and our guide translated. Other notes: What to pack with this tour? Pretty much everything on Alpaca’s list that they told you! They did so well. Things of note though: 1. Bug spray with Deet. This is not used every day but the bugs will get you if you don’t have the Deet. You will want this at Machu Picchu as well as the other days the guides tell you to use it. You don’t need a lot, but gas x side effects liver one can of spray would do. 2. Body wipes to shower. My husband and I brought several brands. We used one for toilet and a different kind for a full body wash.

We were fortunate to only have another couple travelling with us which made us a group of 4. As Alpaca basically run tours nearly every day, you can either travel as a smaller or larger group depending on the number of people that booked for that date. Our guide mentioned that usually he takes tours of around 10-15 people. The porters and cook were excellent- they always had everything set up when we arrived at the intended campsite, provided amazing food and hot water to wash your hands and face with. Our guide loved having a chat to the local children we passed by. He would always take a few snacks and distribute them to children along the way. The guide was excellent with the locals, was knowledge about the trail, but we didn’t quite make a personal connection with the guide. It’s inexplicable, but we found something a little strange in his mannerisms. The tents were quite spacious for 2 people. We hired sleeping bags for Alpaca and were provided with cotton liners- however these liners were more of a nuisance as they twisted within the sleeping bag. Tipping is voluntary but you do feel that you should tip. There is a ‘recommended’ guideline for british gas jokes the porters, cooks and guide. All of us in the group came from countries that do not customarily tip and this was one of the first guided expeditions the other couple had embarked on. This made the tipping thing a little awkward. At the end of the organised tour when we were still at Macchu Picchu we were given a feedback/survey form. This was probably not the most appropriate time to ask for feedback a gas station near me. But generally speaking, the tour itself was very well organised and all the logistics relating to the trek was faultless (apart from the timing of the survey).

We can’t do anything but echo everyone’s positive statements about their experiences with Alpaca. My husband and I did the Inca Trail 4D/3N in September to celebrate his 30th birthday. Including us two, there were a total of 10 hikers and two tour guides – Isaac and Francois. There were a few casualties every day (stomach bugs, heat exhaustion, altitude issues), and both Isaac and Francois did everything they could gas house edwards co do make sure everyone was comfortable and and safe. Not only that, but Isaac taught us a lot about the history of the Incas and Peru and made the hike so much more than just a hike. Enough cannot be said also about all the porters and the chef. We could not get over how much those guys (and girls in other tour companies!) could carry, the speed at which they move, and the humility at which they lived their lives. I believe Alpaca, which was started by a former porter, is one of the companies that treats their employees well which is a big reason why we chose to hike with them (among other reasons). We highly recommend hiking with Alpaca!