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We helped to deflate the balloon after landing and were greeted to a table of delights,… The day started being slightly cloudy, hence the tour was postponed from 8am to 11am. Thankfully the sky cleared and we’re good to go.! Launch site is approx. 15mins drive from Queenstown and everyone got a chance to help set up the grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test balloon (Not an everyday opportunity to be involved during the prep). I was lucky to have a small group of 8 and being a solo-traveller that day (my friend has a fear of heights hence giving this activity a miss), Carrick and team kept the vibe lively and everyone was just having fun, didn’t feel abit of awkwardness at all. And soon enough we’re up up and away~~~ We’re greeted to an unparalleled 360 degree view of Queenstown and the mountainous area such as the Remarkable. Absolutely stunning and it’s a view you will not get from the Gondola for those who are wondering. Carrick skilfully manoeuvred the balloon in a way that everyone in the basket got to marvel and take in the amazing views (As there is no room for movement in the basket, so we have to take turn and wait for the balloon to turn and enjoy the views). Once the balloon gained a certain altitude, apart from the occasional spurt of fire to keep the balloon floating, the serenity and stillness of the surroundings were just magnificent. We helped to deflate the balloon after landing and were greeted to a table of delights, from bubbles to pastries and fruits. We received a certificate as well for completing the flight.! Overall, a lovely way to spend z gas ensenada telefono a beautiful morning in Queenstown. It’s my first Hot air Balloon ride and I’ve been having butterflies in my stomach days before the flight. Thank you Carrick for making my experience memorable.! * Thumbdrive containing pictures of us in the air was charged at $30 per stick, taken by the Go-Pro mounted at the Hot Air Balloon. Bought it since it’s impossible to capture myself in the basket with the view. However I realized there’s 50 images in the thumbdrive, of which only 16 pictures plus a video were images of us. The rest of the images are pictures from other groups on a good day and some other shots of their balloons….. More Show less

We greatly enjoyed the whole experience with Sunrise Balloons. They were very accommodating as we booked with less than 10 hours before the launch. John picked us up from our apartment at precisely 06.45 and the crew involved us fully in the process electricity usage calculator spreadsheet of inflating the balloon and packing it away after landing. As a retired commercial pilot I found the whole process fascinating and I was impressed by the skill exhibited by our pilot Rock. We were treated to a flight in their electricity icon newest balloon, a 350,000 cubic feet Kavanagh 350 with only 8 hours on the clock which is a superb piece of kit. This is not the cheapest of entertainments, but when you consider the $180,000 cost of the machine, the 200 litres of gas used in the burners and the cost of the ground support equipment and staff, the price seems fair to me. Some other reviewers seemed to think that helping to pack the balloon away was beneath them, but everyone on our trip thoroughly enjoyed getting involved – it’s much more fun than just being a passive ‘touron’! We reached an altitude of 6,500 feet on a cold morning on the 1st May so the temperature was pretty bracing but the Remarks looked stunning in the clear NZ air after their recent dusting of snow electricity hair stand up. The wind was quite light, so we did not travel a great distance, but the views of Arrowtown and its environs were delightful – and Rock took care to rotate the balloon so that everyone enjoyed a great view. Sunrise lay on a pretty tasty breakfast with pink champagne, fruit, muffins and pain chocolat as a ‘thank you’ for helping to pack the balloon away which was a nice way to finish off a magical experience. I definitely rate this trip as FIVE STAR, and I’m sure that all the other participants feel the same.

Overall Queenstown is a beautiful place to be seen from a hot air balloon, and we had a perfect morning for it. This is not a sunrise balloon tour in case you’re expecting that. It is a morning ride, post sunrise. Although pickup was 0645, we launched after 0800. We had beautiful clear panoramic views from the large basket. Although large, we were over-stuffed, 16+ packed in tight. I guess it helped to keep us warm. Given the price, I thought 3 x 4 sections would have been adequate and much more comfortable for the 12 vs 16 passengers. I was glad I took gas leak los angeles some amazing pictures as it was a perfect morning for shooting. Although I got some great shots from my own phone, the balloon company had a Go-pro mounted out on the balloon and aimed in at the basket. A perfect position to capture inspiring footage of us floating above Queenstown on a perfect morning. I parted with $30 to buy a stick drive with their images. MISTAKE! The pilot managed to squeeze the click button only 5 times on our ride,… and most of those were from the ground! The rest of the photos were stock images that I could have pulled from Google Images but wouldn’t necessarily waste my time doing. 30 bucks for 5 lackluster shots!? Given the amazing clear day, I assumed they would take lots of great images and video, and I was dead wrong. Very disappointed that we missed the opportunity, and even more so that I paid good money to find out! Very much unlike paragliding bungy who both did a great gas tax oregon job on this front! After touch down we had a continental breakfast and a nice bottle of bubbles, with coffee made on the spot. Pastries were great. That part was well done, thanks.