Sushma calls on myanmar president, rohingya refugee crisis on the plate impact of electricity in the 1920s


The statement came days after a team of United Nations envoys met Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh for the first time to hear the sufferings of some 700,000 Muslims who have escaped a campaign of violence, rape, and arson by the military in Myanmar.

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According to a statement issued by the External Affairs Ministry here, during the bilateral meetings, boundary and border related issues, peace and security matters, developments in the Rakhine State, including return of displaced Rohingya persons, India’s development assistance to Myanmar, ongoing projects, and other issues of mutual interest were discussed. Bangladesh is a member of the ICC but Myanmar is not. So far, only one family has gone back, but United Nations agencies have claimed that the situation in Rakhine is still not conducive to ensure a safe and dignified re-settlement.

The 15-member body – which includes Myanmar’s ally China – stressed in a statement on Wednesday the importance of conducting "transparent investigations" into accusations of violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Northwestern Rakhine State and giving immediate aid access to the troubled region, presstv reported.

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In the second case, Rukmani, 63 was lynched in a Tiruvannamalai village where she visited to pay respects to her family’s deity. According to Ponni, the villagers were highly paranoid after seeing a lot videos of child trafficking on WhatsApp.

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