Sustainability lost again in paradise – the garden island shale gas in spanish


So my questions to all the big landowners, such as Knudsen, Grove Farm, etc…, why is it, after giving leases to local families, all of whom are ranchers and farmers, that you took the land back and electricity jeopardy broke the contracts? Some of these families didn’t have their leases for even a year, but you took it all back. Is it because there is a much higher profit to lease your land to a company that grows trees, harvests, burns those trees and sells electricity bill saudi electricity company the electricity to KUIC?

This leads to my next question, which is to the state land board. If the definition of “agricultural land use” is to raise or produce food for human consumption, are these landowners still having the benefit of agricultural land use tax? Because in my mind and many others, they had lost this privilege when they stopped these families’ ability to grow and raise food.

Kauai County Council, are you aware of this? And what are you going to do about it? Kauai needs these farmers and ranchers to be able to raise and harvest for our sustainability. Being dependent on stores as the only source of food is not gas vs diesel generator sustainability. It is just the opposite. Were we not working on the idea of allowing ranching families the ability to sell their meat at farmers’ markets as long as they follow all the rules?

Many people on Kauai are demonstrating that a Life Span, based on a childhood and part or all of adulthood, wherein they were raised and sustained on real natural live unprocessed foods without electricity units to kwh chemicals allows for Life Spans ’s into the upper 90’s and into the 100+ years of age. This is considered BLUE ZONE LIVING, and Kaua’i already offers that.

And the experiment is proving positive or correct: processed, junk, sugared, chemicalized food has lowered Life Span Expectancy, and it can get worse as the chemicals do the same, and relatively new are the Agriculture Poisons getting electricity generation definition into the food, more and more since WWII, and Glyphosate is now found in tested pregnant women. Who would have thought of that. Chemicals in food really work, they kill people early in life.

Why is there Cancer in childhood, and so many passing away in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s…and even 80’s is too young compared to a natural life span in the 90’s and 100’s. It’s no mystery gastronomia y cia, eat poisons for a few to several decades and your dead. Boo on that, life is for living to the maximum life your food can sustain, so why eat unsustainable food from thousands of miles away when we can eat home grown natural food without chemicals and other worthless harmful additives from Kaua’i farms and ranches on even 1/2 to 100’s of acre farms. To our elected people…please don’t County Zone us out of our health and deserved life spans by taking our Ag lands away from us. We all know how important to life food is, try not eat electricity laws in india any for 30 days…you’re dead by then already. Let’s stick with live local food full of life for a full life span.

BIIG FOOD has proven it works, destroying lives and families…so now that we know, let’s be done with it, and go back to sustainable live, natural, unprocessed, un-sugared, and chemical free food on local farms. Sorry’s if there’s a few electricity pick up lines bug bites on your apple, just think of it as the canary in the coal mine, a good omen that the apple is not poisonous.

Can we aggressively ask our elected electricity sound effect mp3 free download leaders to restore farm and ranch lands to the sustainable food farms we deserve as humans, providing the foods God put on this earth, not the food that the science laboratories put in the supermarkets without even testing them on rats and sending them to us in packages also made with toxic chemicals as preservatives.