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The report’s chapter on the coastal effects of climate change is particularly worrying. a gaseous mixture contains It says that flooding from rising seas and storms is likely to destroy, or make unlivable, billions of dollars’ worth of property by the middle of this century, with the Atlantic and Gulf coasts facing the greatest risk. gas tax in ct An earlier report from 91 of the world’s leading climate scientists said we only have 12 years to prevent this from happening.

Fortunately, in Sustainable Marblehead we have an active all-volunteer organization that has been sounding the alarm on climate change, working with town leaders and others to educate the community about its impacts, and encouraging local residents and businesses to help change the trajectory. Marblehead joins communities around the globe in this growing grassroots movement.

Sustainable Marblehead was also the sponsor of October’s highly publicized and successful Sustainability Fair at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School. locate a gas station near me On a beautiful holiday weekend, more than 700 adults and children turned out to test-drive electric cars and bikes, learn about renewable energy, and check out ways we can create a more livable community and world.

Over the summer, volunteers from Sustainable Marblehead’s Conservation Action Group did twice-weekly cleanups of Devereux and Riverhead Beaches looking for trash and marine debris, particularly plastics made of petrochemicals that contribute to climate change and have become ubiquitous in the bodies of sea animals and even in the human blood stream.

Speaking of composting, Marblehead residents can now sign up for curbside compost pickup by Black Earth Compost, a commercial composting company, for half the previous price ($99/year). electricity 220 volts wiring The reduced fee is based on our success in having more than 300 households participate in the program. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Composting saves money and the environment by keeping food scraps and other compostable items out of our waste stream.

In the transportation area, Sustainable Marblehead has been working with the Marblehead Municipal Light Department to promote electric vehicles as an alternative to the carbon emitting cars most of us currently drive. electricity projects for grade 6 Car exhaust represents more than a quarter of Marblehead’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so a switch to electric cars or plug-in hybrids would make a huge difference – as would public chargers at key locations throughout town to encourage EV adoption.

Our Transportation Action Group has been focused on promoting safe walking and biking as alternatives to car travel. e electricity bill payment We have a new BIKE MARBLEHEAD team which is working to make the town more bike-friendly, and MHTV will soon be running our new driver/biker safety videos. We are also supporting the town’s Complete Streets initiative, which will identify infrastructure improvements to make walking and biking safer and easier and allow the town to access state funds to pay for these improvements. Also important are improvements to the Rail Trail/Railroad Right of Way being overseen by the Board of Selectmen and Town Planner Becky Curran Cutting, which we strongly support.

And although the municipal vulnerability plan the town has developed to address the immediate effects of climate change is solid, only time will tell if the repairs and improvements made since last winter’s storms will be enough to protect our coastline and properties from another potential round of storms this winter and in the years to come.