Sweet eggs – the saviour of the paleo breakfast – live simple gas questions


But, what about when that gets a bit old? What about if it’s not practical to make that every day before work, and what if you miss that little bit of sweetness in the morning, even though you know that sugar is pretty much the devil’s excrement?

The idea came to me after we’d been enjoying quite a lot of Clafloutis. We had finally cracked our own version, making it totally dairy-free, and using a blend of spices to give it the illusion of sweetness. I figured, surely we could apply the same principles to scrambled eggs – ditch the sea salt and pepper and add a few things to sweeten the eggs up.

So, I gave it a go. Adding spices like dried cinnamon and nutmeg definitely changed the flavour, but to the detriment of the texture – the eggs would turn out powdery, as the spices didn’t have time to…er…what do spices do? Melt? Mix? Anyway, it wasn’t appealing.

There were also issues If the eggs were cooked too long – you lost the texture and ended up with a rubbery egg mess. At that stage, we were still cooking with Olive Oil, which didn’t get you off to a great start as it was quite a savoury flavour.

The experimentation continued. And then, a couple of things happened. First, we started cooking with coconut oil a lot more. This is pretty much our go-to fat for pan-frying now. Second, I found a video via Marks Daily Apple (which I can’t find at the moment..) which had a chef demonstrating how he makes scrambled eggs that have a texture more like a rice pudding. He kept whisking throughout. And he used a ton of butter. Nice.

And with that last piece of the puzzle, we created this porridge-y, rice-pudding-y Paleo breakfast that is loaded with good fat (from the yolks, butter and coconut oil) and protein-tastic, but with the morning satisfaction of something much sweeter.

• Drop the tablespoon of coconut oil into a pan, then put the pan on a medium heat, so things cook low and slow. Medium for us on our electric hob means between 5 and 6. On a gas hob, I could never work out what ‘medium’ was, so developed this approach: Turn it on full blast. That’s full. Turn it off. That’s nothing. Find somewhere in between. Bingo.

• Then swirl in your blackstrap. I do this by shoving a knife into the pot of molasses, removing it, then holding it above the pan so that the blackstrap slowly drips down, while swirling the eggs with the whisk. As the blackstrap starts spiraling into the yellow of the eggs, I find that I am pleased. (I am easily pleased.)

• Okay, you’re starting to wonder if they’re done. They’ve definitely changed consistency, and they’re starting to stick a bit to the bottom of the pan. Take them off the heat, and keep whisking everything together. You want it to be the consistency of tapioca.

And there you have it. This breakfast really saved our mornings, and we’ve since passed this recipe on to all of our clients, with resounding nods of approval. When either of us start the day like this, we find that we can go through until lunchtime without any snacks if we want to. The combination of fat and protein is filling, satiating, and avoids the insulin spike that most cereals give you, which always lead to the inevitable mid-morning snack.