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The sinuses can become inflamed due to viruses or allergens- they react by producing more mucus which blocks the sinus openings. When the sinus openings are blocked, the sinus cavity lining becomes inflammed and in some cases you will actually see swelling. There is usually pressure/pain in the area of blockage. We have sinus cavities in our cheeks, under our eyes and in our foreheads.

The other important thing is that we need proper hydration, when the lining of the nose gets dry the sinuses will react by producing more mucus. We know that alcohol dehydrates- so I would suggest drinking one glass water for every one glass alcohol and limiting salt in your diet.

To help sinus swelling/inflammation, I would suggest irrigating with a saline rinse (you can purchase irrigation kits at your pharmacy or a netti-pot) you simply prepare the rinse as the kit directs and then insert into one nostril. It will rinse the sinuses and come out the other nostril, this may help to relieve a blocked sinus and it is very safe. Saline is natural- there is not medication.

The other treatment that may help is an intiinflammatory nasal spray- it is a very low dose of steroid (Flonase or Nasonex). You would have to see your Doctor for a prescription. If these things don’t work, I’d suggest seeing an ENT specialist.

I’ve had the same problem for about 2-3 years now (minus the time I was pregnant and up to 10 months post delivery, it didn’t happpen during that time, weird)! My lower right eyelid swells out of nowhere for no apparant reason! There is no pain involved at all. Just swells for a few hours or so then starts to go down and is gone within the same day or the next day depending on the time it starts. Some times it can be a very small swell, others it’s HUGE. It’s happened while wearing makeup and NOT wearing makeup, at home, at work, out and about. I went to an Ophthalmologist who said it was NOT an EYE related problem. I also went to an Allergist who did about 100 "SCRATCH TESTS" on me to see if I was highly allergic to anything. But being that it was localized to one specific area only and always only the right eye, the allergist doesn’t believe it has anything to do with an allergy. Anyway, BOTH the Ophthaalmologist and Allergist were clueless as to WHY or WHAT is causing this. The Allergist suggested I take Allegra daily to see if it helps. I am anti daily medications, but at this point I’m willing to try anything. So, today, on a day that as I type this I have a small "swelling spell" or "SES" as I have named it (Swelly Eye Syndrome)I plan to go get some Allegra and give a try! If this doesn’t work I’ll look into seeing an ENT and go from there. All I can say is IT’S REALLY ANNOYING!!! UGH

Please can you let me know how you get on as I have had the same problem for about 15 years believe it or not. Mine started with allergies where I rubbed my eyes on a daily basis when they would both swell and then go down. One day the right eye never went down and over the years it would always have swelling and some days would be worse than others. I have seen an eye, ear nose and throat specialist and he could not see anything. One doctor said I was being vain. I have tried tablets but I don’t like taking them on a daily basis and stopped, some just bunged me up, but others I didn’t give enough chance to work. To this day my allergies have gone better, I am not as bad as I used to be but my right eye is very puffy and worse than it has ever been and I get head aches off and on and eye pain, the doctor has given me eye drops and have used them for 2 days and theres not any change yet, I have mis-placed them but when I find it I will give it about a week. I usually like to wait to see if things get back to normal by itself but my eye is stinging where as before it didn’t so might go back again as it might be a sinus problem, doctors make me fed up as reading on here I have noticed some people get no joy and look at fixing the problem by looking on-line for solutions.That’s enough of me going on good luck hope you get results.