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I met a very sweet man on small site truepinay.com actually that site is not really developed they still working on it. His Name is Arnold Wilford at first I was thinking that he is true to here feelings towards me. And here I am very innocent to fall in love with him, and later on He told me that he wanted to get my address because he bought something nice for me during his travel in Scotland. So I gave it since I felt that he is very serious. Then after that he send me a tracking number to monitor the parcel and after 4 days I received an email from a globallongisticexpress that my parcel is on hold and I need to pay $795. But I refused it I never contact the logistic express but I forwarded the message to Wilford. He is also told me that he received a call then he can’t do nothing because he is 75 miles away from the ocean due to his offshore work. He is a liar but I never get anger with him But I’m thankful to God that he did not allowed me to released money because it’s no bank that time because it’s holiday.

This is to inform you that your shipment has successfully arrived usa. (you can track your package on our website: http://swift-courier.eu.pn/ tracking number: 48970134jk) for our agent to be able to deliver the package to your home today, custom’s duty charges of of $3, 853 usd (three thousand eight hundred and fifty three usd) only is urgently required to be paid by you so that our delivery agent would be allowed to pass through the airport and meet with you at your home as soon as possible to handover your shipment to you. we do hope to hear from you soon in other for us to provide you with the payment details which you are to use in transferring the charges there in the united state.

The sender said he was from edinburgh, scotland. used the name alexander anderson. age in 50’s. likes to us viber. he said the money was to send for his daughter in columbus, ohio and buy a house for the three of us to live as a family. I have talked with him on phone and skype. he said he was going to borrow the fee for customs and then when I received the money I should wire the funds to him to pay back. these scammers have lots of ways to get your money. too bad, I am know better than that. the us gov’t and africa are beginning to arrest them. especially the ones using photos of the military. we need to keep exposing them.

I was well aware that he wanted to scam from the get go. He said he lived in LA and is name is Jayden Mason. He said he worked on a rig off shore in Houston, Texas. He said he was from Portugal. He said he has an adopted daughter in Dallas Texas at a catholic boarding school. He went on a business trip regarding the purchase of crude oil in China but then had to stay in Dubai for 14 days because of terrorists.. He said he was going to mail courier, $100, 000 a supposed gold ring for me and some important documents to me. Next day he ask if the courier service had contacted me that they sent me three emails regarding the delivery of those packages.. I received an email that those packages were being held in Maryland. I messaged him back through Viber and sent him screenshots of those emails and I told him that I’m being charged for this package etc..

He got upset as to how was he going to get his documents. I told him pay it, when your stuff gets delivered you can come and pick them up.. I then blocked him via Viber, blocked his phone number and blocked him on Facebook.. But here are pictures he has sent me. And he sent me emails all the time professing his love for me blah, blah, blah..

Am fost aproape victima acestui excroc si anume :rohaizad bin othman, am atasat poza lui. aceasta persoana a incercat de la inceputul lunii feb 2016 sa-mi faca tot felul de declaratii de dragoste, aproape l-am crezut.in urma cu o saptamana a inceput sa spuna ce se afla pe o nava aproape de india si acea nava sa defectat si el are 50000 eur si doc importante si nu vrea sa le piarda deoarece nava se misca foarte incet si exista riscul sa fie atacata nava de catre pirati, si el doreste sa-mi trimita mie spre pastrare banii si acele documente, eu trebuie doar sa-I dau adresa si va veni un curier la mine acasa cu acele documente si pachetul respectiv. am dat adresa, totul a fost in regula, iar adoua zi sunt contactata de catre firma swift delivery courier and dispatch ltd. international courier services 130, beadonpura, karol bagh new delhi india, sa trimit taxe de transport in valoare de450 eur. am copiat mesajul primit de la firma de curierat si am trimis acestui excroc, lucru care la suparat spunand ca eu nu am incredere in el, m-am jucat cu sentimentele lui si ma blocat, atat el cat si firma de curierat. eu am sesizat ca este frauda in momentul cand mi-am pus intrebarea: o persoana care trimite 50000 eur ches si documente importante nu mai are 450 eur sa achite transportul?

Really people want to make money so easy. presently the is a lady sending me e-mails from uk. by the moment she mentioned hoe deeply she is in love with me, I knew it was a scam. I was just waiting for to see where is the catch. when I read all you stories is like is the same group of people, it only depends on who are they dealing with (he or a she). she says she have sent $100 000 of pounds to buy a range rover and a house before she visit my country… also in the parcel she included an i-pod phone, electronic dictionary, hp laptop, rolex watch, flowers, jewelries’ and perfumes. when I asked if it is really same to send that amount of money that way, her response was that it is the only way for her… which did not make any sense to me at all. I was still waiting for the catch… then guess what? the parcel got overweight charges of zar 4 200 and I need to pay it before I take the parcel… attaché is a photo of what she claims to look like as she call herself cecilia joubert… watch out guys.. she is on facebook and she is a pro…