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Most folks here would say way too long in Interlaken and that it is best avoided. Also, a car in those places will be a very expensive pain in the neck. Parking is extremely expensive at hotels etc. and you often cannot park at all close to attranctions so the elders w ill have to be dropped off and they will have to wait while someone parks the car etc. Yes, the handicap placard is valid in Europe but that doesn’t mean there is any parking and almost certainly no free parking.

Also what size vehicle are you renting? European cars are quite a bit smaller than ours and a larger rental car might well be too small to be very comfortable for 4 adults and, I assume, a child particularly for all the driving you are planning. I suggest you go to a dealer and take a look at the interior size of say of VW Passat…..that’s a "full" size car at many European rental companies. Try to fit all the luggage you know you will have into the trunk….you won’t have room inside for anything but ladies handbags. It’s a quick way to figure out if a rental would actually work….older folks don’t do very well in a cramped sitting position for any length of time!

By the time you lpay a rental, you could probably do as well using saver tickets and taxis or local transportaiton. In Switzerland the local transportation will likely stop withint two blocks of your hotel and will have a stop within two blocks of most places of interest. It will run frequently and it is clean and safe. Many Swiss don’t bother to take their car out of the garage for most of their travel.

Please do not discourage us from visiting. We have relatives there so that is a big reason we visit. And as you know Switzerland is a beautiful country. This time I will be with my two parents who are 80 yrs old. My father had lumbar surgery 2 years ago and thank God he can still walk although no too far so having the car will be much better for him. I can drop them off in the front of the hotel or sight or restaurant or … which means they can see more places because they won’t have to walk from the train station to ? and tire much faster.

The last time I was there, my 18 and 20 yr old daughters and I hiked over 1.5 hours up near the Schilthorn with my husband’s cousin to see cheese making the traditional way. She lives in Bonigen and they send their cows along with the village cows up the mountain. It was the highlight of our trip. We very much enjoyed it.

Everyone should be able to choose what is best for them and what they are most comfortable with. One prefers trains while another a car. We have freedom to choose. We saw many sights but also able to just relax. Having a car really means freedom to us. I recall driving across the US and passed a blueberry orchard in Pennsylvania. We stopped and picked blueberries for almost an hour. Something we could have not done so easily if we were by train. Our 7 children thoroughly enjoyed it. Going by car means you can make stops like that. We have a different lifestyle but it doesn’t make it wrong or worse or should prevent us from enjoying places.