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Vagus Nerve – I’m looking for some information here. Since mid-october I’ve been in and out of doctors offices and hospitals, I’ve had an endoscopy (GI), multiple abdomanol CT scans, sinus scans, chest x rays, blood work, echo cardiogram, EKG, the works. Finally an ENT stuck a tube in my nose and found that I had a bacterial infection that led to vagus nerve dysfunction. Gave me an anti-depressant and said to come back in a month. I’ve lost 30 lbs since october, palpations to the point I thought I was having a heart attack, difficulty breathing, eating, drinking, my blood pressure has been up and down (as high as 130/93 to as low as 88/44) my heart rate jumps up and down, get chest pain, upper ab pain, dizzy, tingly all over, disoriented, I mean it’s a frickin mess. Could this all be attributed to the vagus nerve and will this ever end? I’ve been taking the anti-depressant for 5 days now, have noticed some improvement, palpations ever once in a while, still a little hard to eat or drink, I still feel like I want to yawn all the time, want to belch all the time, It’s been almost 3 months and I’m praying this is the answer. Anyone had anything similar? Any information on the Vagus Nerve? Everything I’m finding online relates to epilepsy, I’m seeing a neurologist and we’re doing an EEG to rule that out but come on, anyone know anything about the Vagus Nerve?

What I have found out is that my symptoms are related to an old gallbladder operation where the vagus nerve got damaged to an extent (very sloppily done operation), some kind of drug poisoning as well as some kind of microbe. The last one hasn’t been proven. but is quite likely. I have scar tissue in the lumbar area from an old operation. There is scar tissue in the cervical area from some old car accidents that resulted in injuries. I was told that the nerve will "fatigue" after a while and go the other way. What that means in it’s entirety is not clear to me yet. My whole body is compromised for circulation from this nerve supply being compromised. Cough, chokiing, pain down the arms from the pinched nerves the medical will do nothing about because of my age and extent of medical insurance. There is amost complete numbness in many parts of my body and inability to walk very fast or at all at times over the last year. The feeling of "tightness" gets worse every day. I can eat only liquids most of the time. Losing weight. This could have stemmed from haaving a hiatus hernia in the past and also from doing a colon cleanse that displaced that organ in the process of healing after cleaning out so much toxic garbage. It’s an extremely painful condition. Chest pain, shortness of breath are all symptoms I suffered. Regurgitation of food as well as projectile and plain vomiting are part of this and may come and go. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I was told to use peanut oil and the essential oils of rosemary and sage and rub it into the site around the bad cervical discs. Herbs such as are in Dr. John Christopher’s formula may help to heal bone, flesh and cartilage. For those who are into herbs. My chiropractor is keeping my back flexible by using his Thompson table and making sure the CSF is circulation. Hope this helps some of you to know someone else has suffered greatly with this, too, and what they have come up with. I will also employ a good massage therapist who will help, but can’t say outcome yet, because the massage therapist is a new venture.

I have been dealing with similar issues for much of this year. Kept/keep thinking it might be stress, stress combined with other health issues, etc. I JUST NOW joined this site because I literally feel like I am dying and do not know what else to do!! I am completely frustrated, experience many of the identical symptoms as above, have been SENT to the ER by my doc, lots of tests, meds, etc. I am fortunate to have a background in health care/education and research everything, dad was prof at a medical school. I recently did 2 years Graduate studies in holistic health. My body systems, organs, functions seem to be totally inconsistent and out of whack. Vagus nerve disorder, piriformis, serotonin syndrome are diagnoses I am researching. Afib, severe constipation, erratic BP, radiating pain, digestive pain, fainting, numbness alternating with sciatica, ad infinitum. Deep tissue massage helped after last ER visit, avoiding any kind of physical stimulation helped. Just do not know and do not know how to find better professional help! Used to feel wonderful physically, now feel I am wasting away somehow. Thanks, more later. Hurts to sit, stay in one position.

I would love to know if you have received help. I have studied nutrition and cant help myself. I am on liquids at the moment. I have the same problem as you have described, but believe that my sacro iliac being out has caused the sciatica, not being able to sit or stay in one position. I used to have to lay flat on my back but mow have to lie up because of waking with tachycardia and elevated bp. Playing more havoc on the spine. The only time I am comfortable is walking or on my feet.Sitting and laying are a real problem. I have a very painful place in my spine which I believe is inflammation of vegas nerve, just behind the breastbone. Can only eat liquids presently and still wake up with heart racing, light headedness and elevated bp. NO dr or specialist has agreed to my belief. I have had hiatus hernia op and gallbladder, I suspect unnecessarily, as the problem still exists. I have found chiro a help in the past. Unfortumately I am on holiday in a strange country and loathe to go for help because of insurance but I will not make it home on the plane this way. Waking every morning fee,ing as if I jave to rush to Emergency and only getting worse.

Hello everyone. I’m in the same spot. I have been sick for years and didn’t even know it. Similar to everyone, my stomach has been the main culprit since I was a child. I have since been diagnosed w/ gastroparesis (vagus nerve dysfunction), IBS, GERD. Finally, I went to a Naturopath. Immediately he took me off glucose and wheat. I felt better almost immediately. However, before this and since, I’ve had dizzines (w/ heart palpatations) and equilibrium issues. I’ve been diagnosed with a Vestibular Disorder. This results in dysequilibrium, blurry vision, headaches, head & ear pressure (causing increasing hearing loss while dizziness occurs). Everything, except the lack of equilibrium occurs when I get dizzy, but the dysequilibrium is constant. Other side effects can be anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue.

I also have constant difficulty swallowing and no gag reflex. I can put my finger down my throat with no reflex occurring. I have to chew a lot and swallow very little. This is ALL Vagas nerve dysfunction. Read an article of WHAT the Vagus Nerve is, where it is, it’s functions, etc. You may be very surprised.

I’ve been through the ream of tests as well with a Neurologist in my home town, but was finally referred to Mayo Clinic. I am presently still going. In a couple of days I will find out results, but Vagus Nerve better be on the top of his list! There is Treatmeant. Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve.

Tests I’ve had: blood work, MRI,Spinal, Arterial ultrasound in neck, EMG, ARS, QSRT, nerve biopsy (which was positive), sleep study and more. I’ve seen some of the results from Mayo for the ARS (automonic reflex system) test and it was fairly normal. This is one of the MAIN test to have done. Still, there are too many other symptoms, regardless if this test does not say positively that I have an autonomic disorder, that point directly to a Vagus Nerve dysfunction.