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What’s difficult with the treatment of syringoma is that they recur or scars form after treatment. electricity news philippines In one study, the CO2 laser was used and results were successful; there were no recurrences within 2 years after therapy and there was no scarring. However, physicians report that the side effect included prolonged reddening of the treatment site and repeat sessions were sometimes needed. CO2 laser treatment is quite costly but its safe, long effect and non-scarring qualities make it a good choice over other treatments.

In another study, electrodessication—in short bursts and low voltage—was used to treat a patient. It turned out to be as effective as the CO2 laser in terms of having no recurrence in 2 years but this study was only done on 1 patient. Plus this method is invasive and requires a needle insertion into the reticular dermis. It is also safe, non-scarring but in comparison with CO2 laser, this one’s quite painful and not recommended for people with low tolerance to pain.

Creams are also available for syringoma. The typical treatment involves retinol which resurfaces your skin. But some products lump the treatment together with warts and moles so that their creams would say ‘wart-mole-syringoma’ remover. I have not personally used these creams and don’t know the ingredients but from videos available over the net, these creams are powerful and sometimes dangerous. They can get deep into the skin and within a few weeks, your wart, mole or syringoma will just drop or peel off. That’s after enduring a few days of hiding from people because your wart/mole/syringoma will get darker. The creams are effective but they may also leave scars.

Well, it’s still best if the real users would testify to the syringoma creams and actually there are some good customer reviews online for some creams. Whatever the brands or clinics you use or go to, what’s important is that careful usage is needed to avoid the unwanted adverse effects of any of these treatments. With time, I’m sure you’ll find the right solution to your syringoma.

Hi Saniek, thanks for your question. There is a type of syringoma associated with diabetes and high progesterone secretion which I thought of when you mentioned your insulin intolerance and current breastfeeding status. gas works park This is the clear cell syringoma; however there are VERY few cases of this and we cannot be definite that your syringoma is actually caused by your current diet/disease/breastfeeding. Well, with breastfeeding, if you are still doing it now, I shouldn’t stop you because of the benefits it has for your child. But if you’re done with breastfeeding, then that means progesterone isn’t that high anymore so we’re not expecting a lot of flaring of syringoma. This leaves us with diet. What I can advice is to change your diet a bit. There isn’t a clear cut connection between diet and syringoma but since you identified that you ate a lot of soy at the time, then i suggest you cut it down a bit and observe your skin for several weeks. No certain diet can prevent sweat ducts from turning into syringoma though.

Hi Ivie! Regarding removal of sweat glands, there are many methods available. Perhaps you’re referring to the knife/scalpel removal of syringoma? The disadvantage here is possible scarring. But scars heal overtime and will do so quickly if you’re in relatively good health. Syringomas also recur with the other sweat glands on the face but of course, frequency of recurrence decreases as there are fewer glands left after excision.

Regarding garlic, there are not much studies on its effects on syringoma but here’s what I found: ‘oral administration of garlic is effective on immunologic properties, cutaneous microcirculation, protection against UVB and cancer treatment. gas after eating bread Topical application of garlic extract can potentially be effective on psoriasis, alopecia areata, keloid scar, wound healing, cutaneous corn, viral and fungal infection, leishmaniasis, skin aging and rejuvenation. Clinical effectiveness of oral and topical garlic extract is not sufficiently and meticulously explored as so far.’ (Pazyar N and Feily A 2011. Garlic in dermatology. Dermatology Reports) That’s it. gas definition physics It’s not exactly effective for syringoma but at least it is good for some skin conditions and wound healing. Go ahead and take the supplements 🙂

I think diet has nothing to do with syringoma . It’s hereditary. My mom has so all of us her children 6 siblings have this skin problem. I had mine treated the 1st time using Electrodessication and curettage last Nov of 2008 and went just fine. It cost me around $150.00 including sunscreen and some med to take after the treatment. It was a little painful but it’s worth it. It took about 2-3mos to completely heal and leaves couple small and light scars which was way better and scars fades eventually specially if you are going to use some lightening facial wash. The reoccurrence wasn’t till early 2012 so I had it retreated in September 2012 using the CO2 Laser Resurfacing. It cost me around $400.00 including the sunblock cream the doctor recommends. During the procedure , I should say , it was painless due to an anesthetic cream they applied to my face but as soon as it expires, then you can feel the pain and feels like your face is burning about an hour. My face was so red and bloody for 3-5days but after that, I see no scar nor wound on my face. gas in oil tank It was a pinky, smooth, tight face I had afte that treatment. Now, I see some small bumps coming out on my face and it’s about 2yrs now since I had my last treatment.

About 2 years ago I started developing mild syringoma under my eye. About a week ago (on a Friday), I had the right side of my face treated with a hyfrecator at a local dermatologist. Cost me $200, hurt like hell and the scab just came off and I can still see a milder version of the syringoma in the same area. 3 days (on the Monday after I had the right side treated), I went to my local plastic surgeon’s office and had the left side of my face treated with a lam-probe (which I assumed was a similar concept as the hyfrecator). Techician numbed me so it did not hurt that much at all, only cost me $60 and the scabbing was light and minor. Looks SO much better than the other side of my face – syringoma appear to be completely gone. I am so glad I just happened to stumble on this other option via a friend over the weekend. I know how I will be handling this issue going forward. I plan to use my retin-a gel (.001%) in the interim to help and I also got some tea tree oil and manuka honey at Whole Foods, both of which I have heard touted on various sites.

Hi everyoe with whom i share this condition-Syringoma, i have to say we are unfortunate to be predisposed. Its hard to meet someone without that person having an astonishing gesture at your face let alone the thousands of questions you have to answer.i am 32 years old now and started developing them at 21 years while in medical sch. I visited a demertologist who advised me not to disturb them because they would spread very fast. I listened to his advise but without disturbing, the whole of my face is almost taken up now. Over the years, i realised that if am stressed up and have limited sleep, the bumps enlarge and even new ones grow up. Also, exposure to heat makes them grow bigger because the sweat generated by heat which under normal circumstances would get out is trapped as a result of the blocked ducts. I have not tried the surgical methods of removal but cream seems not to be helping as the bumps ars still there after asevral months. mp electricity bill pay indore Also they have made face with horrible dark and norml skin colour spots. My advise to you all therefore is that, if you still have countable numbers, be happy to live with them, we will die of other conditions rathdr than syringoma although we by comparison, look 10 years older than our agemates. Let us avoid hot enrirments- weather conditions. Thanks!!!