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Thanksgiving brings back so many positive and NOT so positive memories for me. My mom was relentless having all of her 7 children (six girls and one boy) dress up every Thanksgiving as either Pilgrims or Indians. grade 9 electricity module The older I got the less and less I wanted this tradition to continue. (That is me in the upper right…no idea how old I am but I’d say 11 or 12.) After all, I had my reputation to uphold. Funny how traditions “stick” later in life when you become a parent. gas chamber I did the same with my kids!

(My three are on the left…added are my niece Lauren and my youngest brother Travis, as the Indians) I now think back on those memories dressing up with my siblings with fondness and love. My mom always dressed us up in matching outfits and colors… I now realize why! Because otherwise she’d loose us in a crowd! She is a smart lady. f gas regulations ireland I carried that tradition out as well especially when my kids were little and we were on vacation. It helped so much. static electricity definition physics Anyway… back to Thanksgiving.

I still recall loving gathering with my loved ones and having the best time talking to them, giving my grandparents HUGE hugs as they walked in the door and feeling immediately loved by them. static electricity zapper I remember the smells of that day and how very full I felt after filling and eating my paper plate of wonderful things. Yes, I said PAPER plate. I never had a sit down at a fancy table with REAL plates Thanksgiving celebration until my first year of marriage. mp electricity bill payment online indore That is where the NOT so positive memories start. lol I found out there was such a thing as an “ADULT TABLE” where it seemed the most important people sat, followed by a not as important “kid table”. lol The first year we were married we had Thanksgiving in California with Rob’s extended family. gas mask bong how to use We were told to sit at the “Adult” table by Rob’s grandma Lillie and then soon banished to the “kid” table by her immediate children who weren’t too keen on having us around “their” table. In the end, I laugh about it now because it really was fine with me! After all I grew up having the largest family and feeling lucky I got a paper plate full of food and siting anywhere I wanted in my Aunt Sarah’s home! My mom had her 7 children, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bernie had 14, and my Aunt Jill and Uncle Marshall had 4. We never ate on real plates when we gathered (which was often) and we never complained about it! So, eating on a real plate was an upgrade even if we ended up at the kid table. lol

I remember opening up the CANNED version every year for my mom and trying my hardest to shake that jellied stuff out of the can when I was younger. I think back now and wonder why in the world did I love that stuff so much when the homemade version is so much better! lol Anyway, let me just tell you that if you make this recipe you’ll never buy the other stuff again.

When it begins to boil just turn down the heat and continue to slow boil for about 10-15 minutes. year 6 electricity This helps continue to break down the cranberries and cook them as they thicken. When you are satisfied with the look of your sauce, turn off the heat and either store in canning jars in the refrigerator or use an emulsion blender like I did to make a very smooth sauce. I like the smooth version the best.