Take this 2-minute financial assessment! budgets are sexy electricity was invented in what year


Sometimes. I only have ONE main financial goal every year – to max out my retirement accounts. Anything outside of that is extra, and since most times there is nothing much else to invest/save, it usually stops at that 🙂 So I do technically make finance goals, but since they’re always the same one year after year I don’t think it counts all the way…

Haha, yes. But only because it’s always right in front of me when I log onto USAA or get emails from Credit Karma about my score every month 🙂 I tend not to dwell on it too much if I’m not in the market to take on new debt anytime soon… (and I’ve also got it to where I want it to be – in the 800’s – so I’m out of that “let’s improve our credit score” stage. Something I highly advise focusing on if you haven’t already so you don’t have to worry about it anymore either!)

UPDATE: I read this as “check my credit SCORE” not “credit REPORT” – oops! So I actually lose another point here as I haven’t done that in quite a while either (bad blogger!). And there’s really no excuse for it as you can get these FOR FREE once a year at AnnualCreditReport.com (it sounds scammy but it’s legit). Always good to monitor this stuff in case something funky shows up on it!

Always. And credit score statements, business account statements, savings, investments, retirement accounts, 529s, net worth reports and even my snazzy coin collection. Never know when one of those guys will get up and sneak away on you! I pay attention to all my monies!!

Well if you got a majority of them good you’re channeling Warren Buffett up in here, half or more points in your favor will make you MC Hammer, and then if you REALLY failed the assessment you’re a Macaulay Culkin, haha… Why, I don’t know, (Home Alone was da bomb!) but I’m not in charge of such things 😉

2) Always – We are consistently at 35-40% of gross. I’d love to get that up to 50-60%, but honestly, neither my wife nor I currently have it in us. If we can get some more passive income streams than maybe, but we are on a good balance of frugal vs enjoyment. And yeah, DCA rocks. We take the same amount out every month at the same time and put it in the brokerage account. That, and all pre-tax stuff goes straight to retirement (401k and IRAs). If there is extra it may go there too or to some other more “exotic” investment, but rain or shine, that fixed amount goes in.

3) Always – But I think I need to qualify that. Rainy-day means cash or equities not designated for long-term holding. If we get too much in the bank, it’ll go into some type of ultra short term fixed-interest or a fixed-interest etf or something that we don’t mind liquidating if something comes up. Cash in the bank is tough right now. Add inflation and you are losing money.

6) Sometimes – We have a yearly budget that is fixed at the beginning of the year and then we use an adjusted budget that tracks 3m averages of actual expenses versus the yearly budget. As you mentioned, NW tracking is the biggie. If we are in the ballpark for expenses it is usually fine. The savings number is the important one.