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Brock is next seen standing in his original clothes, next to a floating image with a cut-out appearance of Officer Jenny with a Growlithe. He smiles at it, then turns and starts to drift after it with hearts for eyes, but it fades and he returns to the ground, sad. Behind him, a second image appears in the same style, this one of Nurse Joy with her Chansey. He notices it, and leaps joyfully towards it with hearts for eyes again. Soon, hearts in a rainbow of colors start to fall all around.

It cuts to a pile of these hearts, which Pikachu and Vulpix dig themselves out of, then shifts to the top of the pile where Brock is sitting waist-deep in these hearts, giddy and giving a lovestruck swoon; beside him, Psyduck attempts to eat one of the hearts.

The focus returns to a heart-eyed Brock swooning over another cut-out, this one of Daisy, Violet and Lily with their Seel. He jumps with his arms spread wide, but when he tries to embrace the image, it disappears and he crashes to the ground; Pineco and Pikachu sigh in response. He floats after a cut-out of the Nurse Joy from the Orange Islands with a Slowpoke, but it turns into a giant Magikarp and knocks him away; Togepi and Vulpix laugh at this. He continues to jump after these images, but they disappear before he can grab them every time: first Officer Jenny, then Nurse Joy, then one which floats in front of the camera, never showing the image on the other side, but turns sideways and vanishes to show Brock leaping towards the camera where it was, then trying to stop and falling forward.

It switches back to backgrounds in the style of the start of the ending, this time with red tropical flowers and Brock’s hands moving in a hula motion. It cuts again to a larger image, showing Brock wearing a lei and doing the hula in front of a pineapple background. The full image is again Brock dancing on the beach, doing the hula in a grass skirt as a quartet of Oddish hop from foot to foot around him.

He delivers the line, "O-ne-e-sa-n!" again, and this time each syllable shows women: Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Misty’s sisters, the Orange Islands Joy, and then as a joke a Jynx who winks and blows a Lovely Kiss. It cuts to a small shot of an unhappy Brock getting a large hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek from the Jynx, and finishes with a picture of him in the first outfit in the maracas surrounded by the shape of a heart.

• In March of the Exeggutor Squad, Brock is seen wearing a white outfit with pink frills on the sleeves and cuffs of the pants and holding a pair of maracas. Due to similarities between the two, these clothes may have been inspiration for the trademark outfit Brock wears in the Takeshi’s Paradise ending.

• A brief reference is made to Takeshi’s Paradise in the PopUp.Version of By Your Side ~Hikari’s Theme~, where a still picture is seen of Brock wearing the outfit he uses for the song and dancing with his Croagunk and Sudowoodo. In updated versions of the ending, after Brock wins a Pokémon Egg, he takes a seat in the image and Croagunk is the one dancing instead, complete with Brock’s hat, mustache, and maracas.

• This theme was referenced in The Psyduck Stops Here!, when Brock was attempting to distract a group of wild Psyduck. He was shown dancing along with Dawn while wearing the same purple-colored outfit with pink frills around the arms and shins, complete with the sombrero and the maracas.

• In the ending’s animation, Misty’s sisters, Daisy, Violet, and Lily, are seen with a Seel. It is unknown whether this is supposed to be the Cerulean Gym’s Seel that had evolved into a Dewgong in The Misty Mermaid, another Seel that occupies the Gym (as seen, for example, in The Blue Badge of Courage), or merely a fantasy Seel.