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Mai oh Mai, she could keep me awake for more than one thousand and one nights but she would not be telling any stories since Jeannie would be too busy giving my magic lamp ( which not only grants more than three wishes but also grows to enormous size if you rub it the right way ) a spit shine with her asian lubrication before applying the wax with her huge massage balls. For the finish she insists on french polishing it as she is a pro in the use of asian lapping materials. electricity vancouver wa Plus Jeannie is too classy to talk with a full mouth and it would be difficult to tell a story while getting her brains f – worded out and screaming with pleasure at the top of her lungs.

For too many posts I have waited for a good opportunity to post another Yaya Han video but as it seems that will never come to pass I am fed up with waiting. So here is the hottest Yaya Han interview I have at the moment. The best part is at 1 : 14 ( pay attention to her breathing ! ) and I thought abut making a GIF but not only does it take longer than I can afford now the camera also moves around too much to get a good result.

Coming back to Darick Robertson, I haven´t read much of his comics lately which is mainly due to the fact that he stayed so long on The Boys. gas efficient suv 2015 I know that he did some issues of the new Harbinger Renegade series but lately I haven´t bought a lot of Valiant books. electricity in india voltage Which I want to rectify as soon as possible but money is tight right now since Christmas is coming up and it will probably be 2019 when I can get the new Archer & Armstrong series.

We are still going through the celebrity birthdays for November the 10th and next is sexbomb extraordinaire Athena Massey who turned 51. While you might have seen her on Seinfeld or Black Scorpion she is best know for playing sex starved cop Cindy Hannen in the cineastic masterpiece Undercover Heat . electricity related words If you haven´t seen the movie I wrote more about it in my 2016 birthday post of cult siren Elizabeth Berkeley where you can also find more animated GIFs of Athena Massey in not safe for work action.

The only thing that brings this down is that some sources claim that Kiana used a boob double for the scene. Which is hard to believe since it really isn´t necessary. m power electricity Dammit, Kiana´s body is banging and if you check out the frames just before her pigeons fly loose you can see her big bust ready to explode. So the only reason why they would have used a double would be that she was too erotic and they shot somebody with a smaller chest. I´m no expert on chest sizes especially when it comes to american chest sizes but I like to believe that we get to see the real Kiana. gsa 2016 pay scale And if not then I stick to the theory that Kiana´s at least as gifted as her body double or that Kiana´s chest is even bigger because otherwise it makes no sense.

Which makes it even less understandable that she didn´t do a nude scene in Universal Soldier 2. It´s not like Kiana has any problems with nudity since she not only posed naked for PLAYBOY, no, she also confessed that she is such a perfectionist that she had to wait until the right time in her career where she felt her body was in the best shape it has ever been in.

So for those who can´t get enough of Kiana Tom you might want to check the infamous Bodyshaping Bikini Workout ( part 1 / part 2 / part 3 ) that YouTube already took down once as long as you still can. Probably because besides Kiana Tom you also get the no less stunning Kimiko Tanaka who is an exotic mix of american indian and japanese. So you get two exotic sexbombs wearing tiny bikinis for the price of one which must have lead to countless guys getting the mother of all nosebleeds because of oppai overload. Plus in the second part Carla Dunlap substitutes Kiana Tom.

As far as comic book credits go Michael Jay White plays Bronze Tiger on Arrow and did voices on the animated shows Static Shock ( I didn´t even know there WAS a Static Shock cartoon ), Justice League and Batman : The Brave And The Bold. He also appeared in The Dark Knight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Of The Ooze although to 90s kids he is best known for playing the title character in Todd McFarlane´s epic Spawn.

With Vanessa Angel who turned 52 there are a few comic connections although I´m not sure if the tv series Weird Science counts since it only had the same title as the EC comic. b games virus Another sci fi role was Anisa / Freya in Stargate SG 1 although the leggy 34C bombshell is best kown as the russian sexbomb in Spies Like Us ( she was the only good part of that movie ) and the main distraction in Kingpin which was not a movie about the famous Spider – Man villain. With her comedic skills and her killer measurements I always wondered why she didn´t have a bigger movie career in Hollywood.