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Scientist spotted signs of quantum effects electricity 2pm mp3 in the molecular centres for photosynthesis. Excited electrons pass through the photo synthetic pinball machine so quickly and efficiently. One quantum effect is the ability to exist in many places at the same time – a property known as quantum superposition. Using this property, the electron could potentially explore many routes around the biological pin ball machine at once.

Quantum effects in biology might explain now migratory birds know which way to fly. It is possible by a ‘lone’ electron spinning on its own is free to interact with its environment including magnetic fields. The theory is that ordinarily, radicals at the back of the birds’ eye respond to Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field will cause the electron to leave its spot in the chemical compass and start a chain of reactions to produce a particular chemical.

As long as the birds keep pointing the same direction, more the chemical will build up. Exactly how are our noses capable of distinguishing and identifying a myriad electricity cost in california road of different shaped molecules. According to Turin’s Quantum theory of olfaction, when a smelly molecule enters the nose and bind to a receptor, it allows a process called quantum tunnelling to happen in the receptor. Quantum tunnelling , an electron can pass through a material to jump from point A Point B in a way that seeing to bypass the intervening space.

As with e payment electricity bill maharashtra the bird’s quantum compass, the crucial factor is resonance. A particular bond in the small molecule can resorts with the right energy to help an electron on one side of the receptor molecule leap to the other side. The electron can only make this leap through the so called quantum tunnel if the bond is vibrating with just the right energy.

Mind has the electromagnetic wave pattern of the neutral network of the brain. The time measurement of the mind is a rebative. The mind itself is in the velocity of light que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje. It obeys Einstein time dilatation principle. If we assume there is a clock in our mind and called it as mind clock. Since memory is stored as electromagnetic waves in neural membrane velocity of the mind clock is equal to the velocity of the photons.

The mind can be said to be a divergence of life flux operator. Each mind has its own frame related to the body. It owns itself. Mind possesses four dimensions, the space and the temporal field. Memory is though to be a process by which we bring back to mind some earlier conscious experience by changing the membrane potential of the Nerve cells depending on the stimulus. In brain each area is specific for a particular function. From these area electromagnetic waves are propagated. Learning is an electromagnetic input gas stoichiometry lab, which is propagated in the nerve cells in particular instant and be stored. The capacity of storing electromagnetic energy in neural membrane is called as memory. For the recalling some of the stored instants are needed to be stimulated. The recalling occurs without any capture of chronon. The time taken for recalling is always zero even when it occurs. Suppose there is a clock in our mind called mind clock, the velocity of the mind clock would be the velocity of the light. It obeys the Einstein’s time dilatation principle. Memory is a third order tensor. (Tensor Theory for Memory) – Naturally, biological process has rhythmic event. Summation of many biological rhythms on its axis makes biological clocks. The primary rhythm to all biological process is due to the vibration of the atoms. Which obeys Quantum property. These vibrations make electrical and osmotic gradient across the cell membrane. Nerve cells change their membrane potential depending on the stimulus. In brain each area is specific for particular function. From these areas f gas regulations r22 electromagnetic waves are propagated. Learning is an electromagnetic input which is propagated in the nerve cells in particular electricity lesson plans for 5th grade instant of the membrane.

If there is n! instants, input can be stored. The capacity of storing electromagnetic energy in neuronal membrane is called memory. Number of instants taking part in long tern memory is greater that short term memory. For recalling, some of the stored instants need to be stimulated. If we assume there is a clock in our mind clock, since memory is stored as electromagnetic waves in the neurons, the velocity of the mind clock is equal to the velocity of the photons). Since these wave pattern in the neural networks of the brain form the mind, the field transformation for mind to soul Maxwell tensor density changes.

Quantum Healing is a method using sound waves vibration for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Aura and Chakra the energy body has several main centres along the Central Nervous System. Each of which has a very specific purpose. And all of which are connected to the wider and vastly complex energetic gas explosion systems of the subtle energy body.

The coordinate speculations of cosmic vectors, which are acting on the virtual particle, change the coordinate of the virtual particle. Creation by exhinilo is explained by this the coordinate change in the virtual particle in the direction of the expanding universe makes the space and time. The space and time are in the cosmic plane where the cosmic vectors are acting on the virtual particle responsible for the universal expansion. The curled up vectors on the virtual particle is zero.

The change of the cosmic coordinate determines the physical property of mass field conversion. And it makes particle and antiparticles. The particles and the antiparticles are the components of the life flux. Life flux supposed to be in different bound state of the one fundamental field gas in babies. Heisenberg unified field equation is applicable for life flux.

Suppose virtual particles are omnipresent in the cosmos they might be infinite velocity and below the absolute zero temperature. The universe that might have been expanding from an elementary virtual particle filled with particles and antiparticles. These are varying in velocities. Strings also model it. Jamming of particles and antiparticles gives binary code for the soul. These particles have absolute past, absolute present and absolute future. The singularity of the soul and the perception of the gas oil ratio for weed eater cosmic life can be explained if we can demonstrate virtual particles below the absolute zero temperature. The understanding of curled physical parameters of particles and antiparticles is the perception of cosmic life.

Life flux has the infinite closed curve property. The parallel transport in the life flux vectors makes the consciousness. Consciousness is a curvature tensor. It has 5 gases that come from car emissions the property that if it vanish in one system of coordinate it will vanish in every system of coordinate. Life flux consists of particles and antiparticles code the soul. It consists of photon chronon complex from the mass field conversion. The field line of life flux may be called as life line. The determination of life line is by the gravians and other extreme physical forces.