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Do not touch Tanglewood Cedar (www electricity kwh usage calculator.tanglewoodcedr.co.uk) with a bargepole. I ordered a wooden garden bar from their site at a cost of £599 on 23rd August via PayPal believing it would arrive for my big Birthday party on 7th October as the site said 4 weeks delivery time (they have since changed it to 4-6 weeks). I talked to the owner Jim (after many times trying to get through and constantly leaving messages) who gave me his word I would receive my bar a gas is a form of matter that by the 7th October. I called 2 weeks before delivery (again after many texts and voicemails) Jim responded to say all was in hand but he was having difficulty sourcing the Oak from France. Apparently he had a worker gone off ill and also moving house. This was just a few of the myriads of reasons he has given over pass gas in spanish the period to renege on his promise. On the 6th I called again and finally got a response and was told it would not be there for my big day. I was of course both fuming and upset as I had 45 guests arranged and no bar! He swore on his life (wonder he isn’t dead) that it would definitely be here within the next two weeks. This b games car came and went. I got another excuse that he had an order of 75 bars wikipedia electricity consumption from a German company needing them for Christmas… So last Friday 27th October, I gave Jim an ultimatum that I would claim my money back through PayPal and again he asked for yet another reprieve (this is now almost 3 months) and promised to call gas after eating yogurt me on Monday with a delivery date. Of course no call or text or email. So today I have written my complaint. If Jim is correct he has been paid for about 80 bars and at £600 each that amounts to possibly £480, 000 now sitting in his account. I can now only believe that this is a scam and you should not part with your money. The full payment is demanded up front electricity worksheets. I cannot even write about the quality of the product as after such a long time I still have not got it!

I’ve received a letter from Forbes Burton, a company recovery and closure business. They have been appointed by Tanglewood Cedar to assist with their present financial difficulties, as a result of which they have made an application on behalf of Tanglewood to dissolve the company on the basis that electricity static electricity it has no assets. Their letter was accompanied by a Companies House DS01 form, which is an Application to Strike off. I contacted Companies House and understand that a Director cannot legitimately dissolve a company in order to avoid an unsatisfied court judgment, which in my case is for the non-delivery of a log store. I have written the following to [protected gas utility worker]@companieshouse.gov.uk . I hope this might help in pursuit of this fraudster:

I write to object to the DS01 ‘Application to Strike off’ in respect of Tanglewood Cedar Ltd, Company No. 09987419. My name is —– and I am an interested party. I have a judgment entered against the company that remains unsatisfied. The County Court case number electricity youtube is ——. Attached is proof of the judgment which includes the entry in the Register of Judgments, the Notice of Judgment Entered electricity kwh cost, the Judgment Summary and the Claim Form. The judgment relates to an order placed on 07/09/18 and not delivered, amounting to £504.

The Director would be avoiding payment of the court judgment by dissolving the company. I also note that there is another court judgment unsatisfied. In attempting to dissolve the company electricity in the body causes without settling the judgment for the debt he has broken the code of conduct in making decisions about the company, and he is not ensuring that procedures to ensure his responsibilities are fulfilled or being lawfully met.

Thanks Logstore! I’ve only just seen your post. I’ll check out your lead re Simon Miller v gashi kenga e zagrebit. Meantime, I received an email dated 26th October from the Dissolution Case Officer, Dissolution Support, Companies House saying that, in view of the evidence I submitted, they have suspended the strike off action until 17th January. The ‘evidence’ I submitted was simply an email to Tanglewood Cedar and James Lack reminding that judgment had been entered in my favour and that I require the debt to be settled forthwith etc. Companies House gas or electricity for heating say that I will need to submit further up to date documentary evidence to show I’m still actively pursuing the company before 17 January, so I intend to write another chasing email before that date 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore. Meantime, my action has elicited a response from Mr Lack saying I’m ‘wasting my time’. Well, I intend to waste his as well by continuing to object to the strike off in the hope that it makes it difficult for him to set up another company, or to buy the assets of Tanglewood which he claims to have done.