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Foreign nationals may apply for a visa online in advance of travel. Applicants may complete the e-visa application form and make payment online with a credit card or bank transfer at www.immigration.go.tz. If the e-visa is approved, the applicant will receive a “grant notice” via email. Present a copy of the grant notice to the Immigration Officer on arrival at the airport in Tanzania.

Yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers arriving from, or having transited through, countries gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings where yellow fever is endemic. Direct arrivals from non-endemic countries, including all countries in Europe and North America, are usually not required to show a yellow fever vaccination certificate. The Centers for Disease Control 76 gas station jobs (CDC) provides additional information about recommended vaccines and medications for travelers going to Tanzania. The CDC notes there are reports that unless a traveler has a medical exemption letter from a physician, some immigration officials require evidence of the vaccine for entry in Tanzania – particularly entry via Zanzibar – from all travelers. Travelers with neither the shot nor an exemption letter are usually allowed entry and directed to a health officer to obtain the vaccine. The CDC recommends that travelers staying for an extended time or those who will be heavily exposed to mosquitoes consider obtaining the vaccination before visiting Tanzania.

Terrorist incidents, including the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Dar es Salaam hp gas online login and Nairobi, as well as occasional attacks by extremists on police stations and mosques, among other targets, highlight the threat posed by terrorism in East Africa and underscore the capacity of terrorist groups to carry out such attacks against Westerners.

Muggings, Robberies, and Assaults: Robberies are common in Tanzania. U.S citizens become victims when they hail taxis at airports, bus stations, hotels, or on the street. Victims are held until they provide passwords for credit/debit cards and are driven around town to max out their cards at all available ATMs. Victims are usually released hours later. A number of people have been victimized en route to the airport. To minimize risk, travelers should use marked or known modes of transport. They should also consider leaving ATM cards at home and traveling to Tanzania with a minimal number of credit cards.

If a public official attempts to solicit the payment of a fine from you, ask to travel to the nearest police station to file a report regarding the incident. Obtain a receipt and a written report of any such transactions. If your passport is seized, ask for a receipt, note the officer’s name, location, and contact details and report it immediately to the U.S. Embassy.

Arusha: In Arusha, the high number of foreign tourists attracts electricity worksheets ks1 pickpocketers and bag snatchers. You are strongly discouraged from walking around at dusk or at night, and encouraged to avoid the section of Arusha on the far side of the Themi River at all times when on foot. Many muggings have occurred near the clock tower in the center of town.

Animal products: In Tanzania, it is illegal to export an animal or animal part (including live or dead animal parts, such as skins, bones, teeth, and feathers) without export certification from the Tanzanian government. It is also illegal to export any such products received electricity questions and answers physics as a gift or exchange without the correct documentation. The penalties can range from a fine and/or two to five years imprisonment. Additionally, it is illegal to gather, collect, or remove flora or fauna, including seashells and ebony or mpingo wood. Penalties include a fine and/or imprisonment of up to two years.

LGBTI Rights: Tanzania’s penal code criminalizes consensual same-sex sexual activity on the mainland and on Zanzibar. Those arrested and charged for consensual same-sex sexual conduct may be sentenced up to thirty years in prison. Authorities use the penal code to intimidate and arrest individuals on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Individuals detained under suspicion of same-sex sexual conduct may be subject to or threatened with forced anal examinations. Members of the LGBTI community may be denied entry to Tanzania by immigration authorities (including on Zanzibar) or once admitted may be targeted, harassed electricity youtube billy elliot, and/or charged with unrelated offenses. Public displays of affection between persons of the same sex may b games 2 be met with harassment or violence. Non-governmental organizations that support the LGBTI community and their staff may also be targeted, harassed, or have staff members detained by local authorities.

Road Conditions and Safety: Road travel in Tanzania can be extremely dangerous, especially at night. Traffic in Tanzania moves on the left. Drivers and pedestrians alike must maintain vigilance. Although a number of inter-city highways are periodically repaved and maintained, maintenance schedules are erratic and even good roads may deteriorate quickly due to weather conditions.

Traffic Laws: Tanzanian law requires all motor vehicle operators to be in possession of a valid driver’s license. Persons staying in Tanzania for six months or less may use a valid U.S. driver’s license after validation by local traffic authorities, or an international driver’s license. Persons intending to remain in Tanzania for more than six months are required to obtain a Tanzanian driver’s license. All vehicles are required to carry third-party liability insurance and to post the decal in the front window.

Aviation Safety Oversight: As there is no direct commercial air service to the United States by carriers registered in Tanzania, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not assessed the government of Tanzania’s Civil Aviation Authority for compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards gas and bloating. Further information may be found on the FAA’s safety assessment page.