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Faced with ever more difficult issues relating to ice formation and wax precipitation, the trans-Alaska oil pipeline needs more oil production from the North Slope to stave off declining oil throughput, Tom Barrett, president of Alyeska Pipeline Service Co, told a meeting of the Resource Development Council on March 17. Electricity generation capacity Alyeska operates the pipeline on behalf of the oil companies that own the line.

Essentially, as oil throughput declines and slows, the oil becomes colder on its way down the line, resulting in increased wax precipitation from the oil and the possibility of ice formation.

Using current approaches to dealing with the ice and wax issues, the pipeline can safely operate down to 300,000 barrels per day – Alyeska does not currently have a solution for dealing with flow rates below that level, Barrett said. Electricity sources usa In 2015 the pipeline handled on average just over 500,000 barrels per day.

Barrett commented that the regulatory climate, particularly on the federal side, is challenging in Alaska, with regulation tending to impede badly needed oil development. La gasolina cancion And the oil industry in the state needs a stable fiscal environment he said, commenting that Great Britain has recently reduced its tax rates for offshore oil and gas production, to help the industry through the current period of low oil prices.

Barrett made comparison between federal regulation in Alaska and government regulation in Norway. Gas up the jet A senior Norwegian government official recently commented that the government of Norway supports offshore oil development, because of the economic benefits that the development brings, he said. Hp gas online complaint And, while the Norwegian regulatory regime is based on a partnership culture between government and industry, the command-and-control approach to regulation in the United States is highly prescriptive. Gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of In Norway, the government sets performance standards and then works with industry to figure out how to meet those standards, Barrett said.

Moreover, the United States has moved in a direction of tending to criminalize mistakes rather than seeking solutions, Barrett commented. Gas evolution reaction If an engineer makes a mistake, for example, the government wants to lock him up as part of the command and control approach to industry oversight.

“Don’t breathe unless you get a permission slip and, by the way, if you make a mistake you’re going to jail,” Barrett said when characterizing his view of the U.S. La gasolina mp3 government attitude.

But that is not how to conduct business, he said, commenting that taking pride in work and having regulators and industry working together is a more effective approach.

A need for trustThe industry also needs to ensure that it can be trusted, by working in a safe and reliable manner, Barrett said. J gastroenterol impact factor He commented on Alyeska’s safety record.

TAPS pipeline reliability in 2015 stood at 99.5 percent, with two scheduled shutdowns for the carrying out of essential maintenance work being the reason for the reliability level coming in fractionally below perfect. A gas has In fact, Alyeska has now completed a four-year testing program on all 176 of the pipeline’s mainline valves, an exercise involving the tricky operation of conducting valve tests without stopping the flow of oil through the line, Barrett said.

Responsibility and transparencyIncreasingly, the public now expects corporate social responsibility and transparency. Electricity storage cost per kwh And, to be successful, a business needs the trust of its customers, of the public and of the regulators, Barrett said. 4 gases in the atmosphere In March Alyeska was named by the Ethisphere Institute, for the fifth year in a row, as one of the world’s most ethical companies. Gas near me app The company received a large operator environmental performance award from the American Petroleum Institute. Electricity 2pm The Alaska SeaLife Center gave the company its 2015 Alaska Ocean Leadership Award for the company’s fishing vessel spill response fleet program in Prince William Sound. Z gas tecate The company has also received the governor’s safety award.

When it comes to environmental stewardship, Alyeska had a successful year in 2015, despite some significant flooding issues along the Dalton Highway during the spring breakup, and despite have to live with wildfires in the Interior during the summer. Gas leak explosion Both Alyeska and the Alaska Department of Transportation have been working pro-actively to build gravel and snow berms, to more effectively handle any flooding that may happen this year, Barrett said.

Addressing low flowMeanwhile, Alyeska continues to conduct testing and take action to deal with the growing challenge of low oil flow in the pipeline. K electric bill payment online The company has now staged contingency supplies of methanol at certain points along the line, to act as antifreeze in the oil in the event of a winter pipeline shutdown. Electricity bill calculator However, given the problems that the methanol would create for the refineries that process the oil, the staging of methanol does not provide a simple solution, Barrett said.

Alyeska runs scraper pigs, torpedo shaped devices that fit inside the line, to clean deposited wax off the pipeline interior. Electricity in costa rica voltage The company is evaluating a new European technology that sweeps precipitated wax by circulating fluid at high pressure. Electricity facts However, this technology has yet to be used in a 48-inch pipeline, similar to the TAPS main line, Barrett said

For some time Alyeska has been adding heat to the oil in the pipeline, in particular by recirculating the oil at some of the pump stations. Grade 9 electricity formulas The company has installed a point source heating system at one of the remote gate valves and is planning to install another of these systems at pump station eight, Barrett said. Gas 1981 Rather than simply siting the heating systems at pump stations, the company has found it to be more effective to heat the oil at points along the line where the oil becomes especially cold during the winter, Barrett said.

Looking to the future, as the company’s legacy workforce ages, the company is actively bringing in new people, many of whom have TAPS experience through work for Alyeska’s contractors, Barrett said. Youtube gas monkey The company has about 800 employees and uses hundreds of contractors. Gas x reviews ratings About 95 percent of the workforce is Alaska based, and 70 percent of the company’s contractors are headquartered in Alaska, Barrett said. N gas in paris lyrics About 20 percent of the company employees are Alaska Native, 30 percent are women and 33 percent are minorities, he said.

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