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Taylor smiled beatifically. “Brilliant.” She pressed a button on a remote and the screen changed to an image of the front of a bar. “This is the Ruby Dreams. It’s a small bar on the outskirts of the docks. It also hides an illegal gambling den currently owned and operated by the Asian Bad Boyz. It accounts for a small but sizable percentage of Lung’s total yearly earnings. We are going to hit it.”

Taylor sighed. Emily couldn’t stop a small giggle from escaping and she leaned closer to Lisa’s side until the younger girl wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “I’m sure 9gag you’ll get over your… injury in time for the op, Alec,” Taylor said. “But maybe this will encourage you; seeing as this operation is more high-risk than usual, I will be doubling your gains for the operation from one thousand each to two. Also q gastrobar dias ferreira, any money you take will be matched dollar for dollar. If you return with ten grand, I’ll give you another ten on top of it.”

It was incredible, she mused, what could be built when ‘unlimited’ was the only word in your budget. She passed stainless steel doors on either side of the corridor, each one with a large number stenciled on the front. There was a constant electric hum from somewhere behind the doors, a sure sign that the cooling systems were still very much functional.

Brian stood in the middle of the room, swatches of darkness so black it felt as though they ate the neon lighting shifting around him, revealing only glimpses of the armoured form within. He was tense, but not afraid. At his feet lay a few of the guards that had tried to tangle with him. He was also, she noted, playing with the handle of the greatsword Taylor had given him. He obviously didn’t know how to use it, but the thing was big and intimidating enough that he only had to wiggle it in someone’s face for them to sit back and shut up.

It didn’t matter that the others didn’t notice Taylor manipulating them. They were rats being la gasolina in english taught to press a button to get a nibble of cheese. Every mission they went on, every payout they received, was one more reason to do as Taylor asked. Lisa didn’t know whether to be pissed or to respect the girl. It was even working on her, despite her knowing she was being played.

Lisa was already pulling a burner phone out and dialling the number with a few quick thumb presses. They were out of the alley and running past a milling crowd of gamblers and gawkers. A few police cars and a PRT van were already parked electricity inside human body nearby and the sirens of a firetruck echoed out across that part of the city. Attention turned their way, but Brian, who was in the lead with his longer stride, just blasted darkness over part of the street and pointed at another alleyway.

The four of them started moving again, keeping to the shadows under burnt out street lights where they could and slipping through alleys. They weren’t far from their objective. In fact, they had never been far from it. But the run felt electricity usage by country interminable with the shadow of Oni Lee hovering over them and the constant threat of Lung at their back.

The man, the thing, was skeletal, ribs showing under skin that was pressed up against bones. Long arms, too long to be normal, ended in claws the length of his forearm electricity words. The creature jumped onto one of his men, claws sinking into the flesh between neck and collarbone. A long neck snapped around and teeth with sharpened points flashed as they tore his boy’s neck open.

His boys screamed as more things fell from the ceiling or scuttled across the floor on too many limbs. Rifles and handguns filled the warehouse with the stench of gunpowder. One of the creatures flopped to the ground, its head caved in as a pipe came smashing down. Only, the man that had killed it started screaming as the blood on his face and arms started to sizzle.

Taylor’s power is, as I mentioned in an earlier post, similar to another character’s. In this case, she has a weaker version of Amy Dallon (Pan pan)’s Shaper shard. She can’t modify living biological matter. She can’t modify micro-scale organisms. Large biological matter that isn’t so alive, on the other hand, is fair game. Once she reboots a non-living organism her power over it goes away until they die again. Her power also has a sort of… let’s call it loyalty system, where she turns any dead gas nozzle stuck in car thing into a loyal mostly-alive thing. The smarter the living organism, the weaker the loyalty effect on it is.

Another example: Taylor walks into a morgue (suffice to say that just about every morgue in Brockton Bay is owned by the Calvert static electricity in the body family) and finds ABB goon No. 1234 deader than a doornail. A dozen hours later ABB goon No. 1234 is shambling around, his motor functions are rather poor and, he’s just barely on this side of cognizant, but he’s sporting a dart launcher in his mouth and his arms were replaced with bone scythes that would make a Hydralisk blush.

Example the third: Super influential Politician No. 18 took out a very interesting insurance policy. Unfortunately he gets himself nice and shot. Fortunately his bodyguards had a freezer on hand. A quick trip out of town later and White Queen shows up and locks herself in a room with Mr. Politician No. 18. An hour or two later a very thankful Mr. Politician No. 18 is shaking hands with the heroine. He never felt better about taking out that policy and his body feels ten years younger. He even lost some of that belly fat! Gosh, wasn’t that young woman just so polite?

This kind of power is, in a word, rather strong. It’s no Triumvirate level thing, and given to a random person on the street it would be rather weak. In fact, Nilbog’s power is downright stronger than Taylor’s. In the Bay alone there are at least three capes that are stronger and a dozen that could gas natural inc kill her. But she has money and influence, and has had time to leverage it. It doesn’t matter that one of her simpler zombies can be taken out by one guy with a pipe. She’s got thousands of them.