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The Teacher Education Program and the Secondary Education programs are interdisciplinary in nature and applicable to all students pursuing teacher certification. These programs are overseen by the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) with a Educator Preparation Provider Council (EPPC) and numerous subcommittees. All academic departments/schools with a teacher education program participate in these committees and administer their programs in accordance with approved policies and curriculum. The following offices assist the EPP, EPPC, and the departments in administering the programs.

The professional education programs have received continuing accreditation by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for teacher preparation and certification. Admission to the University does not automatically qualify a student to participate in the professional component of the teacher education program. A high level of academic and professional competence is required for admission to and continuation in the teacher education program . Completion of the program is designed to lead to certification to teach in Missouri public schools. Post-baccalaureate teacher certification

Students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree and are seeking Missouri state teacher certification should contact the Teacher Certification Office, 417-836-8772. This office provides a program evaluation service for initial certificates ($25 fee required), advisement and assistance to gain certification and/or additional endorsements. Diversity component

Diversity coursework is required through professional and program-specific courses. Students must consult with the program or department of major for specific program requirements that may meet this diversity component. Professional liability

All candidates for professional education programs at Missouri State University are required to have professional liability insurance coverage before being placed in the initial practicum, and/or subsequent clinical and field experiences. Professional liability insurance may be obtained at a minimal cost through a personal insurance carrier or through one of many available professional student organizations that provide insurance as part of their membership package. The proof of coverage must accompany all other required documentation prior to placement. No exceptions may be granted. Transition points

All students pursuing Missouri certification are required to meet a series of Transition Points that will be assessed, evaluated, and monitored throughout the teacher education program with assistance and guidance from faculty. There are five distinct Transition Points students meet from entry to their education program to follow up post graduate training. Transfer credit

To apply transfer credit in educational methods courses to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Music Education, or Bachelor of Science – Modern Language with an option in Teacher Certification, a student enrolled at Missouri State should contact their academic advisor for assistance. Certification eligibility requirements

Requirements for Admission to and Continuance in the Teacher Education Program: Students who plan to complete teacher certification requirements must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Eligibility is automatically monitored when enrolling in EDC 150 transfer section, ECE 304, ELE 302, KIN 200, MUS 200, SEC 302, or SPE 310. Admission to the Program is required before students are allowed to begin additional courses in the professional education component (with the exception of EDT 365 which may be taken concurrently with EDC 345, ELE 302, SEC 302, or SPE 310).

The criteria used to determine admission to the Teacher Education Program are outlined below. In addition to having completed at least 45 semester hours (secondary and middle school majors) or 30 semester hours (early childhood, elementary, and special education majors) of university coursework, the student must have:

• Earned a combined (both Missouri State and transfer) GPA of 2.75 or higher. A major (certificate subject area) GPA of 2.75 or higher is also required for students in History (Social Science), and a major (certificate subject area) GPA of 3.00 and passing score on the piano proficiency exam are also required for all students in Music education.

Upon completion of the above requirements, a student’s record is reviewed and submitted to the Educator Preparation Provider Council (EPPC) for admission to Teacher Education. A student’s qualifications for continuance in the Teacher Education Program is subject to review and change by the EPPC at any time while the student is enrolled. Students should check with their advisor or department head for any additional program specific requirements.