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Chrissy was introduced to yoga after starting a new job where all of the office ladies did yoga at lunch. When she received an invite to join them for a class she had no idea what yoga was, but was eager to be a part of the team, so she borrowed a mat from her mother-in-law and took her first class…She never gave the mat back.

From the moment Chrissy walked into that little makeshift studio/unused meeting room, she was hooked. The smell of sage, the sunshine coming in the windows, and the way everyone’s shoulders relaxed as they walked through the door. Yoga spoke to her soul. This was the first time in Chrissy’s life where she actually slowed down and listened to her breath. From her lunch time practice in that little studio her journey has taken her to teaching yoga and we couldn’t be happier that she is a part of the #blissfamily

How did your yoga journey guide you to want to teach? I never planned to teach originally. I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga and grow my personal practice, and when I saw that Sheena was offering a teacher training at Bliss, I signed up without a second thought. Through the training though, I discovered how much joy I got out of sharing the benefits of yoga with my friends and family, and decided I didn’t want to stop there. I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to teach at Bliss!

What is your absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss and why? I love any class that helps people really relax and restore in this crazy busy world of ours; when I can see they’re walking a little lighter after class then they were before. Restorative, warm yin, flow nidra, or a sweet heart-centred hatha class are some of my all-time faves. Right now I’m really enjoying the Blissful Mamas workshop we’re offering! Since recently becoming a new mom I’ve really come to appreciate how much moms (and dads!) need the opportunity to recharge and make time for themselves. I’ve had to lean on my yoga and meditation practices a LOT and they’ve been invaluable to me. I really wanted to share those tools with other mamas. A late evening class (after our kiddos’ bedtimes) has been the perfect opportunity to come together as a mama tribe!

What do you love the most about teaching at Bliss? Seriously, what’s not to love? The minute you walk through those doors and see the smiling faces behind the desk, hear the soft music… it even smells amazing! It’s like that first meeting room/yoga studio I went to years ago at work…your shoulders soften and your soul smiles when those sliding doors open. If I had to pick just one thing though, I’d say the community. The students, the staff, the other teachers… everyone is so wonderful to be around! I’ve made some of the most amazing friends at Bliss who I know will be in my life forever, and I’m beyond grateful for that!

What is one of your favorite things to do outside of the yoga room? Two of my favorite past times outside of yoga are traveling & long distance hiking, and over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to combine the two! My husband and I have traveled to Tasmania, Iceland, New Zealand, Argentina, and of course the Rockies and Vancouver Island to hike some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world. Being able to unplug for days at a time and have everything you need on your back, while hiking through both beautiful and challenging terrain can be similar to meditation and yoga in that you’re so incredibly present and in the moment. It’s an amazing experience!