Teacher to challenge majority whip in house race done with electricity tattoo book

Gallegos has held the seat for three terms and is now House majority whip. She agreed with Castillo about the lack of education funding, and said that is why she introduced legislation last year to establish a permanent education reserve fund.

“It really is a true rainy day fund,” Gallegos said. “It’s a complicated bill. Now, we can not have adequate funding from year to year. Next year, the forecast is looking very good. I think we need to start carving out for a rainy day now, because gas and oil are doing great right now. So, this is the time for that bill to go through and really make a difference.”

Gallegos said she was proud of other bills she was able to work through the system, including one her first year to help pregnant students be able to complete school, and another this past year to establish Small Business Saturday, which will provide a tax cut for small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

“As I’ve been campaigning, I notice huge discrepancies. I see the affluent, then I go to other side of the spectrum," he said. "I went to a mobile home park, and people don’t have lighting on the streets. We need to do something about that.”

Gallegos noted that a number of communities in the district have had problems with water contamination, and said that’s where she has spent a lot of her capital outlay money. She also said they were able to fend off efforts to end a program that funds needed infrastructure projects in colonias.

“That was during the time we were in the minority. We fought tooth and nail,” she said. “We lost the battle on the floor, but we worked with the Senate, and it did not happen. We are able to leverage so much federal funds because of that. We have got to remember those colnonias and Native Americans and we have got to protect that.”

“After being in the classroom for 10 years, I don’t agree with that idea of the governor tying students’ scores to teacher evaluations,” he said. “When the student comes to us, they come to us with so many issues, so many factors impact their education.

Past political or public-service: Elected to three terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives. Currently serving as the House Majority Whip. Member of House Taxation and Revenue Committee; Local Government, Elections, Land Grants and Cultural Affairs Committee; Legislative Council; and Legislative Finance Committee. Previously served on House Appropriations and Finance Committee for four years. Twenty three years of experience working in the field of social work in Dona Ana County.

I have the experience and knowledge after serving three terms in the House. As a member of Leadership I am at the table setting legislative priorities–standing up and speaking out for Southern New Mexico. I have brought 2 million dollars in capital outlay home to District 52. Most importantly, I have the heart for District 52. I am the fifth generation from the Anthony/Las Alturas area and my son is the sixth generation. I have worked as a social worker in Dona Ana County for 23 years. I believe in small business and want to continue working to ensure that our children and families have a positive business environment in District 52 and throughout Dona County and New Mexico.