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It’s fairly obvious to find the people who care about our future’s education and those who just simply don’t think being intellectual is important. Protesting over the summer? Is there a bigger joke than a teacher who strikes over the summer? It solves nothing, draws no attention to the cause, and is comical at best. You don’t protest on your own time, you protest on someone else’s, that’s Protesting 101 right there. People are commenting that this is a detriment to the students and that these teachers shouldn’t be doing this. This is not only amazingly narrow minded, but it’s simply wrong. The frustration should be alongside the teachers, not against them. The teachers WANT to be there, the government is making this literally impossible for some because they’re not paid enough for the work they do. Yes, yes, yes, teachers know what they’re getting into when they sign-up, I know I did. Yet knowing this does not equate to "you get a lower-middle class salary to start, now you’re stuck there forever while the price of everything goes up." These teachers aren’t fighting against starting salaries (well, some are now) they’re upset they aren’t given raises like most in the private sector get. No raises in some cases in 20 years?! Government has the money, it’s there, it’s always there, most of time however they’d rather spend it on things that matter less than the future of our children’s education.

Exactly. This was a great post and the problem teacher and support staff face. Wages froze for years and now with the minimum wage law, as of 2020 me as a paraprofessional might have to seek other work because I’ll make minimum wage at $12.00 and in fact make a whole lot less due to the pension. Right now I get $11.39 an hour. $0.89 before taxes and pension over minimum wage. I can’t be guaranteed a raise by the governor, yet his yes men can get 20%? And when teachers ask for that and funding it is political theater and he will not negotiate with teachers? This is why a walk out was needed.

As powerful as you might think a job action/walkout this time of year might be, there is NOTHING more powerful than the power of Public Opinion. and, having this job action at this time of the school year does NOT solidify the power of Public Opinion, at least in my mind it doesnt..

And, no one said to "Strike" over the summer, obviously, if you arent working during the summer, then having a strike at that time would be a joke..You need to start the discussion then, and, let everyone know, that school will not start on time if these issues arent addressed..

You must be obtuse because this was posted earlier. You didn’t say strike but rather "negotiate". In summer, there is no power to "negotiate" since the budget need to be done at June. Striking two months later wont do crap. Plus #RedForEd had to strike while the iron was hot and it still was politically favored and the Ducey "deal" was out there. People were for it, until what was in there came out. No real funding for school upgrades and support staff and only some teachers get raises through voodoo economics. What if Trump’s trade wars cause another recession, that will slow businesses? What if home sales slow for whatever reason, that will slow business too?

Teachers striking during normal school hours is the wrong thing to do. At my office alone, we are missing 4 people who have to stay home with their kids because they cant find babysitters, which is hurting our business. We have people working mad OT to try and make ends meet here because of this situation. And now our customers are suffering because of this, too. Its ridiculous. These teachers can strike during summer break, in which they have months of downtime to do so. They think theyre accomplishing something, but what they’re really doing is upsetting parents, workers, etc. These teachers are like the pro-Hillary and BLM losers who blocked highways. They think theyre helping their cause, but they’re really hurting themselves.

Agree 100%! My company is at least offering reimbursements for daycare, which I’m sure many smaller businesses aren’t doing (mainly because of the cost). I sympathize with the teachers because of how low their wages are, but they are going about this the wrong way. It’s one thing to strike & protest, but when it negatively affects millions of people around the state, it becomes a whole different story!