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The KAUST School divisional Ed Tech Coaches for PYP and MYP/DP will showcase to participants how they utilize the Jim Knight coaching cycle to drive personal learning for others and themselves. Time dependent, an opportunity may be provided for attendees to view and/or participate in a mini-coaching session with the goal of building their understanding on how the coaching cycle can work within an EdTech context or to further develop their own skills around coaching.

See examples of coaching in action at various grade levels to inspire positive change in classrooms. See how the coaches utilize these coaching sessions to develop their own skills and understanding surrounding coaching, curriculum, teaching techniques and more. Have opportunity to share and discuss with like minded professionals how they utilize coaching cycles to impact teaching and learning at their schools. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat Time dependent, participate and/or view a mini-coaching session in action with a debrief of the process.

Derek Halverson holds a B.Ed and M.A in Educational Technology and has been teaching internationally for all nineteen years of his career. He has effectively taught a variety of curriculum at all age levels, been an adjunct faculty member for Michigan State University’s M.A. in Educational Technology program, and was awarded the IBO’s Blackburn Award for the IBAEM region. Additionally, he has created engaging and informative presentations at a variety of conferences and schools throughout his career, often with a specific focus on integrating technology. Reece Lennon holds a M.A. in Educational Technology and has been teaching internationally for nineteen years. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator as well as a Google Certified Innovator. wikipedia electricity consumption He has taught a variety of curriculum from K-12 and has held a variety of roles within schools including teacher, Director of IT and EdTech Coach.

Learn how to bring excitement, enthusiasm, and joy back into your classroom! Children learn better when they feel safe, respected, and happy. electricity generation by source by country Get to know your students better. Workshop participants will understand how small changes can have big, and positive, effects on student learning. You will appreciate that learning is better when you dive right in.

Session Outcomes: Participants will be actively engaged in playful activities designed to build trust and respect within a classroom community. You will experience ‘socially safe’ games and exercises that promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. gas nozzle prank You will take away a bank of resources that can be used with students as soon as you get back to your classroom. Come prepared to be active. Try everything. Be adventurous.

Sarah is an international educator with almost a quarter century of teaching experience spanning three continents. During her career she has taken on a wide variety of teaching roles including classroom teaching, specialist teaching (Music, Performing Arts) and, more recently, the role of Technology Integration Coach. Sarah is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Seesaw Ambassador. electricity in water experiment She has a deep commitment to learning and student empowerment. Sarah is passionate about enabling young learners to communicate and invent confidently through authentic learning engagements.

Co-teaching is effective, but not always efficient. As veteran educators, we are trying to break the mold of co-teaching, and are trialing a new model at Zurich International School to shift from co-delivery to co-teaching. Through the design lens and using the principles of universal design, participants will reflect on ways to develop new approaches to co-teaching at their schools.

Participants will explore foundational approaches to co-teaching. hp gas online booking hyderabad Gleaning from design principles put forward by Stanford’s d. School, we will examine case studies connected to our current pilot at Zurich International School’s Middle School campus, gaining an understanding of current approaches and opportunities for innovation in co-teaching.

Alysha is a Social Studies teacher at Zurich International School and leading her department through the exciting and daunting process of curriculum review. Currently, she is busy diving into concept-based curriculum design, building structures for student inquiry, and achieving higher levels of universal design for all learners. Alysha has a B.Ed. in International Education and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of British Columbia.

Nathan is the Curriculum Area Leader of the Zurich International Middle School Learning Support Team. As a former graphic designer, he is passionate about design and loves making beautiful things to help kids learn. He is a keen cook, podcaster, and dad to the cutest girl in the world, Nora. Nathan has a B.A. in Theology from Oral Roberts University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston University.