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The Meowth Balloon has often been Team Rocket’s main mode of transportation, first used in Pokémon Emergency!. It can be given many attachments including rockets, vacuums, nets, fists and cages. The balloon has been changed on certain occasions as well. It was changed to other Pokémon, such as Wobbuffet or Gliscor, and even items, as in a Poké Ball. It appeared regularly until the Best Wishes series.

In Enter Iris and Axew, they used a new football-shaped purple balloon with the new Team Rocket logo on it and a gray basket. The balloon was extended from their briefcase, but was destroyed by Ash’s Oshawott. It hasn’t been seen ever since. They later started to use Meowth design again in New Places… Familiar Faces!, where it was redesigned; the new design incorporates a blue basket with the new Team Rocket logo and a pair of engines on it, plus a new Meowth portion with no arm and a larger engine on its back.

In The Dream Continues! and then XY series, the Meowth head now has two arms on the balloon and has propeller engines on its blue basket. In addition, it was redesigned to have its mouth open on its portion unlike the previous generations. The balloon portion now also has a ribbed surface.

It was redesigned again in the Sun & Moon series, where the basket is now colored green with a yellow stripe and the new red Team Rocket logo. It also no longer has propeller engines. It still retains the Meowth head design from the XY series, with the only differences being that the head once again has a smooth surface and there is a propeller on the back. As Team Rocket doesn’t travel around the region to follow Ash, it is seen much less frequent than in previous series.

This mecha was used to tickle Kaiser by using a feather on his foot, to tell Team Rocket where Dratini was. It appeared again (and for the very first time in the dub) in A Marathon Rivalry! to massage and tickle Daniel’s Snorlax, and to capture Ash’s Pikachu and other Pokémon.

Shoots a rocket out of its ear and releases a claw that can grab packages and Pokémon. The whiskers on the top of its head act as lightning rods, and its tail grounds absorbed electricity. It also releases small drills from its fingertips which have the power to destroy rocks.

Used to steal Solrock and Lunatone. Can send out two cages from its right hand, which can block all Psychic attacks from inside and every kind of attacks from outside. The mecha can also launch glue bombs from its mouth. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt and Psychic.

A solar powered robot with lots of arms, and could withstand any attack such as Pikachu’s Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt, Dawn’s Piplup’s Bubble Beam, Aipom’s Swift, and Starly’s Gust. It has extendable arms, and unique extendable fingers. According to James, this mecha can even make lunch. It was eventually destroyed when one the arms hit the base of the mecha as it was trying to send Ash off of it. This happens to possibly the strongest Mecha Team Rocket have had.

This mecha is as big as a building with many tiny rooms and vents, it can launch extendable arms that can make Pokémon dizzy. If hit by a Thunderbolt in the underarm the bolt can travel down the arm into a mechanical room and zap the captured friend. Legs appear for hasty getaways, it is vulnerable to water.

This mecha has extendable arms with sharp claws for digging underground, and a hatch on its head. The mouth can open and send the captured Pokémon down to the abdomen. It is vulnerable to flying attacks and can also release geysers. A computer system inside the head can check where it is going and detect where other life forms are, such as Monferno. It appears to be based on a Drapion’s Shiny coloration.

This mecha can fly and is activated by Meowth’s controls, and has a container in its stomach. It also has a fan which can blow opponents away, it can also launch 2 extendable arms from its stomach which has a broom to sweep opponents away. Its wing can fly off. Vulnerable to Electric and Flying attacks.

This mecha looks like an Altaria and was used to capture Wilma’s Altaria. It also has wheels and a compartment where Altaria was held, but got broke free with a combination of Altaria’s Ice Beam and Flamethrower, knocking the mecha on its side. Gible can also eat it.

This mecha was made from recycled parts from the Blasto-Bot II, it can leap great distances, and can show its tongue. It has an iron fist to grab its foe, and a regular hand as well. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt and Iron Tail. Destroyed by a stronger version of Thunderbolt from Ash’s Pikachu.

This mecha looks like a Caterpie, can dig underground. The forehead can open to reveal Team Rocket. A gun in its mouth fires a sticky liquid similar to a String Shot, and also if this mecha is nearly destroyed the body will crack open to reveal another mecha (below). It is strong against attacks like Energy Ball, Ice Beam, Rock Climb, and Whirlpool.

The third Team Rocket Diglett mecha, which is controlled by Meowth’s controls. It can dig underground and can drill through rocks. It also has arms to picks things up with, extra arms for when they are destroyed. Three nets can fire out from its body, and it can also walk along walls. Vulnerable to powerful Eruption attacks.

One of the strongest mechas yet, this one was used when Team Rocket tried to steal Ash’s Cyndaquil shortly before the beginning of the Lily of the Valley Conference. It had six hands holding different weapons; a net, a fly swatter, a plunger, scissors, tongs, and an empty hand. These hands could switch to another six with an even bigger arsenal; a drill, a chainsaw, a paint scraper, a paper fan, a drafting triangle, and a mallet. This mecha was able to withstand Bubble Beam, Water Gun, Hydro Pump (although it wasn’t waterproof), Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower. Its arms were vulnerable to Razor Leaf and the mecha itself was vulnerable to Eruption.

This Mecha combines all of the balloon attachments into one Meowth balloon. This balloon was quickly shot down by a group attack from Ash’s Pikachu, Snivy, Pignite, Oshawott, Unfezant, Scraggy, Leavanny, Boldore, Palpitoad, Krookodile, and Charizard.

Piloted by Meowth, this robot has the ability to launch punches and absorb electric attacks, which it can also send back at the attacker. It is powered by an external battery, but it is also able to switch to an internal one. Its armor protects it from most attacks, but in the end, it was destroyed by Blaziken Mask’s Mega Blaziken’s Flamethrower.

A Meowth mecha with a ninja theme. Its techniques include launching punches, shooting nets from the palms of its hands and firing projectiles themed after Meowth’s charm from its wrists ("Coin Shuriken"), as well as using the charm on its head to create a bright flash of light. It was immobilized by Pikachu’s Thunderbolt before being destroyed by a combined Water Pulse from Ash’s Froakie and Sanpei’s Frogadier.

An Octillery-themed mecha equipped with grabbing claws and vacuum tubes for tentacles, used to suck up Pokémon and Berries. It was disabled by Serena’s Fennekin after Ash blocked one of the tubes, and later destroyed through a combination of Ash’s Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, Fennekin’s Flamethrower, and Miette’s Slurpuff’s Energy Ball.