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The Tecate Group expand the scope of supply, including 100 f and 450 f 3 v high power TPLH ™ products series cells.The Tecate’s 3V TPLH series ultracapacitors now offer snap-in connectors with unit values ranging from 100F to 450F.These units are suitable for robots, materials handling, military, wind turbine control and medical equipment applications.Capacitor can be in to 40 ° C to + 65 ° C temperature range of operation, and provide 500000 of the estimated useful lives.Units meet UL, RoHS and REACH standards.

The Tecate Group announces the addition of the 3V TPLH™ series of ultracapacitors to its already extensive offerings. The 3V TPLH™ series offers a low-ESR solution for high-power applications with cell values ranging from 100F to 450F. The TPLH™ series of ultracapacitors are UL recognized and RoHS and REACH compliant, with a market-standard snap-in connector style.

The TPLH ™ cells is very suitable for robot, material handling, military, wind-power pitch control, medical equipment and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) applications.These cells provide peak power shaving, emergency power and primary power replacement for the previously mentioned applications and many others applications.The 3V cells in particular helps increase storage capacity and power consumption by more than 20 percent, the same as other low-voltage supercapacitors.Super capacitor can be used with cells or used as independent alternative to cells, helps to reduce maintenance requirements, and for the need to be very reliable backup power, and the application of pulse power or voltage control provides a longer service life and economic efficient of energy storage.

The Tecate TPLH supercapacitor ™ 3 V battery operating temperature in the range of 40 degrees to + 65 degrees Celsius (extension work to + 85 degrees c temperature, voltage down to 2.5 V), the capacitance tolerance of industry recognition, are expected to reach 500000 and 10 years of load cycle life life performance.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Tecate Group (www.tecategroup.com), is a global leader in the design, sales, and distribution of capacitors and ultracapacitors, as well as audio and multimedia components and service. The Company specializes in supplying high-quality ceramic high voltage, tantalum, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, together with ultracapacitor cells, to the world’s leading OEMs, assemblers, and end users in markets spanning consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial, military, medical, automotive, transportation and utilities. Founded in 1963, Tecate Group has long maintained its commitment to provide unparalleled levels of customer service and support, along with state-of-the-industry design and engineering resources.

Film Capacitors Series:Film capacitors are designed using a number of different dielectrics. Dielectrics are the insulating materials between the plates of the film capacitor. Materials are chosen for their ability to permit electrostatic attraction and repulsion to take place across the film. Materials will have the property that energy required to establish an electric field is recoverable in whole or in part, as electric energy. In other words, good dielectric material is a poor conductor of electricity while being an effective supporter of electrostatic fields in film capacitors. Common dielectrics used in film capacitors include polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene and polystyrene. Polyester film capacitors offer a high dielectric constant and high dielectric strength with volumetric efficiency for metallized polyester film capacitors. Metallized polyester film has excellent self-healing properties. Typical applications include bypassing and coupling.Polypropylene provides very low losses, low dielectric absorption, and high dielectric strength. In addition, polypropylene film capacitors offer very high insulation resistance and negative temperature coefficient. Typical applications include stable oscillators and filters, sample and hold circuits and pulse handle circuits.