Tech moguls concerned about massive job loss from automation recommend universal basic income (ubi) — some plan for “doomsday” – the daily coin electricity questions grade 9


Well, two years after enthusiastically beginning its experiment with a universal basic income – in which people are paid an unconditional salary by the state instead of benefits – Finland is abandoning the project as government enthusiasm wanes and additional funding requests are rejected.

Indeed – the masses need to be kept in check so when most of us lose our jobs, we all don’t go completely ballistic and set the country on fire – perhaps with flamethrowers purchased from none other than Elon Musk. Coincidentally Elon announced he was selling these flamethrowers while large sections of California were on fire. Stay classy, Elon.

A huge net win? Tell that to all the parents who hoped their kids would be able to grow up, move out, get jobs, and support themselves instead of having few options other than to “go smoke pot and play video games” until they die. Tell that to everyone who doesn’t like smoking pot, playing video games, has a mortgage to pay, and family members to feed.

… the social networking site exploits human psychological vulnerabilities through a validation feedback loop that gets people to constantly post to get even more likes and comments. It’s exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology… The inventors, creators — it’s me, it’s Mark [Zuckerberg], it’s Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it’s all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway…God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.

Most of us don’t think about how all these devices come with guidelines and warnings. There are reasons other than “Digital Addiction.” But the marketing is so slick that we all take for granted that everything is safe. Warnings have been popping up all along but they are quickly overshadowed by more marketing and legal speak.

No “safe” level of cell phone or wireless WiFi radiation has yet to be scientifically determined for children or pregnant women but that hasn’t stopped tech companies from marketing personal devices to everyone under the sun from cradle to grave.

The Tech Industry – also referred to as “Big Tech” and “Big Wireless” – seems to have been writing its own regulations and guidelines for 20+ years. They must own our elected officials, otherwise they wouldn’t keep promoting and passing new state and federal laws that harm us in pretty much all ways possible.

For example, the “Race for 5G”and “Smart Cities” may sound really cool until you realize that elected officials are allowing tech companies to install small cell towers pretty much everywhere including in front of homes. Research has already proventhat this is harmful. Even Dr. Oz has weighed in.

• Quote from one survivalist: “I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.” He said that his preparations probably put him at the “extreme” end among his peers. But he added, “A lot of my friends do the guns and the motorcycles and the gold coins. That’s not too rare anymore.”