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Riain is spot on about British torpedoes. From start to finish and across all models, they had the best torpedoes in the war. The US started with crap and eventually made some of the best gas out game directions, Germany started with poor torps and produced some better examples, while Japan had the Long Lance and little else. Britain, however, had the best overall performers across all examples from war’s start until the end.

Here’s that quote we always dredge up from CombinedFleet concerning the IJN submarine arm: This is reflected in a post-war report prepared by the US and British Navies which states, It was frankly impossible to believe that submarines could spend weeks on the US west coast ‘without contacts,’ or spend more than 40 days running among the Solomons during the Guadalcanal campaign ‘without seeing any targets.’ Even the Japanese commanding officers could not disguise their embarrassment when recounting these tales. Further enlightenment is found in the extremely large number of times the target was ‘too far away to attack.’

As for chemical warfare, I’d think the principle of Chemical MAD would hold true in your timeline just as it did in the electricity water analogy animation OTL. Japan flirted with the idea of using chemicals to help defend Saipan, Okinawa, and the Philippines but each time recoiled from the idea because they knew the US would respond in types and quantities that Japan could never hope to match. Japan knows it is uniquely vulnerable to chemical attacks and, once the chemical genie leaves the bottle for whatever purpose, chemicals will rain down on the Home Islands.

Nerve gas and other war gasses are non-starters until and if Japan’s militarists recognize the war is lost and want to drag as many people down to death with them as possible electricity nyc as Hitler attempted to do. It’s worth noting that Hitler’s various orders on this subject were routinely ignored by those around him, suggesting that similar orders from Tokyo electricity fallout 4 will most likely be ignored too.

Click to expand…After WW1 and in order to get around the restrictions of Versailles, Weimer Germany built and tested submarines in Holland, Sweden, and Spain along with building and testing tanks and armor doctrine in the USSR. Germany apparently had no qualms about sharing technology and doctrinal experiments with former enemies in return for freedom to research the same away from the eyes on the Versailles guarantors.

IJN thinking was tantalizingly close to wolfpack methods seen in the Atlantic. Japanese subs were already supposed to work together, in conjunction with scouting aircraft, and under the direction of a command submarine. If the focus on warship attrition prior to a theoretical battleline clash could be muted, a commerce destruction campaign might possible.

The US had dropped Orange by the mid-30s and Japan knew it, but Japan kept planning on the US following that plan more out of inertia than anything else. She actually built specific units for her navy and chose which capabilities they would electricity invented in homes possess with an eye towards defeating Orange. The result was that the IJN became a very specialized entity which fared rather badly in the actual war.

Also, as I’ve noted, Japan’s overall submarine commanders will need to develop the ruthlessness shown by their OTL US and German counterparts. Both those nations realized early on that poorly performing sub skippers needed to be removed from command earlier, not later, and that aggressive prospective commanders needed to be promoted ahead of their fellows. Japan kept poor commanders electricity and magnetism connect to form aboard her submarines far too long, allowing them to make tours of peacetime length regardless of their actual performance. IJN subs cruised the shipping rich waters of the US West Coast, the Solomons, the Philippines, and the Indian Ocean while logging either no traffic or target too far away comments. Doenitz and Lakewood would have yanked those commanders in a New York second after such reports.