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Technology is scientific development that aid in problem solving and extend human capabilities. Its purpose is to aid mankind, but often it has an adverse effect. Weapons were designed as a device to secure you by eliminating the enemy. gas efficient suv 2010 However, they are often used for murder and on innocent people. Many more individuals die from the gun than are secured by it. Is the gun something that is damaging the social race? Many claim that it is individuals who destroy individuals, not guns. 4 gases in the atmosphere Even if there were no guns, people would kill each other with different means. 3 gases Although, the device of something definitely a weapon cannot be viewed as positive.

There are many other technologies which are very harmful for human beings. Let us take Mobile phones; people are crazy behind these gadgets nowadays without realizing about the side effects of the same. It’s true that these cell phones have become the utmost need of today’s generation but there are serious infections occurring due to it. These devices connect you around the world travelling through the Towers of that particular network. And the rays are very dangerous for our health. gas quality The battery of this device also affects us as we keep it near to our body always. Please be careful while using it.

Undoubtedly along with the harmful devices, science has also evolved many beneficial devices such as computers technology. electricity measurements units IT technologies are very much essential in current period. We can use internet in it. Net is a wonderful communication network that connects the world and gives anyone access to billions of outlets of information anytime! Without taking any effort you can talk to someone on the other side of the globe or buy something quite easily from an online store. electricity tower vector The negative side, however, is that it can be dangerous, too. With lurking viruses and spy ware, are people out to steal your identity always looming. A great trafficker of porn and tons of false information, the internet can be highly addictive. The piracy rates have flown with free song downloads and software and such.

Finally, one inarguably good invention is the refrigerator. electricity symbols ks2 worksheet It stores food like a cabinet and cools it to keep it from rotting days after it normally would. So, it saves food and garbage and money. It doesn’t use too much electricity and it promotes convenience. Technology is promoting the human race and the environment. Anything negative coming from it is due to the fact that people abuse their power over technology and use to with negative intent. Also, to counter that, thousands of people are working to fix those past mistakes that others have caused with technology, such as pollution control and helping to feed starving people worldwide.

Information Technology has become something of great importance in the world today. It helps businesses function effectively and efficiently in most cases. gas in oil pressure washer IT also brings into view the competitive advantage among different companies as well. It may be hard when a company first launch to introduce IT but ultimately it should be worked in. Once IT has been understood through experience and education, it is more likely to be used every now and then. And in turn helps the organization to achieve their goals.