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Im 17, my son is 7 months. I think its a bad idea for people to have kids at a really young age. Nothing in your life is sorted yet. Job, boyfriend, place to live. If you have a job it probably doesnt pay well cos you dont have any qualifications yet, so how will you afford everything? If you get welfare/benefits, will that be enough money to get all the things you want for your baby? (look up baby items, its expensive!) who will babysit while you work? What about finishing school and college so you can get a better paying and more enjoyable job in the future? As you’re 16 im guessing you live with your parents, would they let you stay with a baby? Is it fair on them having your baby waking them up every night crying? If they kick you out, where will you live? Even if you get a boyfriend right now, theres not much chance he will be the guy you’ll be with forever, so your baby wont have it’s dad around much. You might not be thinking of those things now, but once you’re pregnant all those things are major issues.

Being really young, you’re body is still growing, theres more chance of problems for you and the baby during pregnancy. What if your baby was born with a serious illness or mentally/physically handicapped, would you be able to cope with the extra help he/she would need daily?

Your life isnt really about you anymore, it becomes all about your baby. Feeding, changing diapers, bathing, doctors visits, buying toys, clothes, medication, diapers, wipes, bedding, bottles, car seat, pram, stroller, safety items like stair gates and cupboard locks and a lot more. Your money goes on everything the baby needs, you might not have any left for something you want for yourself. You have to pay rent, electricity bill, phone bill. If you have a car then gas and insurance, repairs. If you dont drive, it would be a great help if you learnt, so would you be able to afford lessons? I cant.

I understand girls wanting a baby cos they are cute, they always want to hold other peoples babies, but the novelty wears off when it’s your own baby, you hold them and see them everyday. Yes they are still cute but its not how you felt before. And cos a baby is something to love, a reason to live for, something that depends on you, loves you no matter what, but babies take a lot more love than they give back, they are hard work 24hrs a day. Its a big responsibility. You might only get 2 hours sleep a night, have to feed them every 2-3 hours in the beginning, they might get sick, cry non stop cos the teething hurts, medicine doesnt always help either. You cant go out with friends much, you’ll still get lonely cos theres no one to have an adult conversation with if you live on your own. You cant just nip out real quick to the store, 5 minutes it took to do that before, now takes ages to get ready check the diaper doesnt need changing, make sure they aren’t hungry, if they are you feed them before you go otherwise they cry the whole time you’re out, pack the baby bag,

Theres a lot more things to consider and think about, but I cant think, im shattered, my sons teething really bad at night lately and he gets a fever with it, so by 4pm I wanna go to bed lol. Hope no one takes this post the wrong way, I l.O.V.E my son but its difficult, and I wish people my age wouldnt plan a baby so young Enjoy being young while you can! If you lived near me, i’d invite you round for the day, see all the stuff I do day in day out, actually get you to do it all! You’d soon be bored and want to go, you’d be fed up, and its the same pretty much everyday.

I agree with everyone else, I am 18 weeks pregnant, my baby isn’t even here yet and I already have to deal with a lot. I am 18 years old and due in march. I have had to move in with my mom b/c my dad wouldn’t let me stay, I had to quit my job b/c it required too much physical attention that I cannot do right now, I couldn’t start college and won’t be able to now b/c I have to work and my dad wont help me pay for it now. The babies father and I have been on and off for 2 1/2 years. When we have not been dating we have still gotten along and all but when I found out I was pregnant we were not actually dating at the time. I love him with all my heart and he loves me but it has still been hard. He is the only one working b/c no one will hire me right now, he has been trying to find us a place to live and all that. He has been stressed out and it has made things hard on our relationship. I had to go get medicaid to pay for the doctors bills b/c I got taken off my dads insurance.

Just wanted to give you a little background on me first but yeah like everyone said it is really hard. I have been trying to get baby stuff together and it cost so much, diapers are expensive for one thing and think about how many you will need daily. And thats just one one about 100 or more things you will have to think about. I already love my baby with all my heart and I am excited but I am telling you it would be soooo much easier to wait. You said you were single, I have been with my baby’s father for the better part of 2 1/2 years and it is hard, so I know getting pregnant by someone you just met or something would be hard. What if they don’t help you at all? If me and my baby’s daddy don’t work I still don’t know what I will do. And also I can’t fit in any of my clothes anymore, I look like a wreck most of the time b/c I have to wear baggy clothes that don’t half fit b/c I cant afford to spend money on maternity clothes.