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The pit has two static wurms and two roamers that pass through it as part of their pathing routes. Though they can be monk split through careful use of proximity aggro (it seems easiest to aggro them both, feign, let them return, then split with prox), the easiest way is to just pacify one of them and then pull the other one up top, killing it near the firepot in the corner. gas monkey bar and grill Once that’s done, pull the other and repeat. electricity icons free At this point, we usually hang out for a bit and wait for the roamers to path through the pit, and pull them as they do so, thus not having to deal with them at some later point. If you get unlucky, and have a roamer pass through right as you aggro one of the pit wurms, just offtank it.

Once the pit is clear, people used to traditionally pull the nearby mobs to Dozekar’s room, but recent changes to warping have made this a pain. z gas tecate Another method is to pull mobs up top near the entrance to HoT, which is quite doable, but requires a bit of practice to get the jump to work perfectly every time, and also results in VERY long pulls. The best method is probably crawling the dungeon, as the pulls are extremely short, and if you do it correctly, you can minimize or eliminate adds.

If you want to crawl, once the initial four mobs have been killed, send everyone into the pit and pull the mob that is right behind the south door. Once he’s dead, have everyone move to the corner, and start carefully pulling the mobs in the south hallways, having the part move deeper as it gets cleared. quadcopter gas motor If you can’t handle adds, and the puller needs some room to work to split them, there are a few mobs behind the first two doors in the hallway to the south that are bunched up a bit closely, so have everyone stay in the pit while you pull these, and only move to the corner if you get a single that is too big to fit through the door.

One final thing, if you are with a raid that is able to kill one mob, but has no chance against two, you might want to try the north route instead. n game There are fewer mobs, and no named mobs on that route, but it is a bit easier to crawl through. We usually just go south first, and work our way all the way around and back to the pit, at which point it should have likely respawned, so you can repeat if you wish.

As a Druid in my 51 Season, I started building up CoV faction at lvl 40 in EW killing Frosties and looting their toes and giant warrior helms. gas after eating The xp soloing near sleepers tomb is great (made lvl 50 in 10 days of soloing at a casual pace). When my guildies could assist, we would hit Kael on the WL side and pull the various giants and the occasional named Lt.’s. The guildies took the quest armor drops from Lt’s and they gave me the toes and giant warrior helms. So, after 10 lvls of killing Giants and getting decent xp, i turned in 4 bags of toes and helms to Lt. Milvin in Skyshrine and went from indiff to kindly….Ally, here i come. As a druid, I charmed wooly rhinos to whip on the Frosties, in fact, a rhino can kill two giants before it dies. gas 1940 Quading frosties is okay, but for mana conservation, i recommend charming near sleepers tomb. At 50, frost giant savages still con dark blue to me, frost giant scouts con lt. blue. Looking forward to hitting HoT for my skyshrine druid gear. All your posts have been really helpful in getting a feel for what it’s going to be like there.