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Did your pantry or walk-in closet become cluttered and overrun with stuff that belongs elsewhere over the past year? Same. This should be No. 1 on your spring cleaning list. Sure, having a nice and tidy garage would be great, but thatrsquo;s not where yoursquo;re heading when a storm is coming your way. Getting the area you 76 gas card payment use as a shelter in order is crucial; you donrsquo;t want to have to scramble to clear the space when the sirens are blaring. Stock up

Family meeting time Every member of the household needs to know what to do and where to go when a storm hits. ldquo;Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which types of disasters could affect your area,rdquo; said Ready.gov.rdquo; Know how yoursquo;ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. Establish a family meeting place thatrsquo;s familiar and easy to find.rdquo; FEMA has a great template for a family emergency communication plan. Check your insurance coverage

Did you have any changes to your policy in the last year? Wersquo;re all guilty of ignoring the small print sometimes. It wouldnrsquo;t hurt to give your insurance agent a call as a double-check. ldquo;Every homeowner should know exactly what their policy covers, or doesnrsquo;t cover, so there are no surprises in the event of storm damage,rdquo; said Farmerrsquo;s Almanac. ldquo;Damage to your swimming pool, for example, may not be covered.rdquo grade 9 static electricity quiz; Prepare for power outages

Experts also reported that Millennial homeowners are the ones most likely to invest in a form of renewable energy. In fact, Millennials, in general, have become the driving force behind renewable energy, including solar energy for the home. In turn, Millennials are beginning to include them in their preferences when purchasing new homes. Heating

Air leaks in and around the home can mean a serious loss of energy. Air sealing is recommended by Energy.gov as a way to help combat energy loss and to make homes more comfortable. According to experts pooled, it seems that windows and air ducts are the two areas of the home that will see the biggest benefit from sealing. Homeowners wanting to make the most impact on their energy loss should look to these areas of the home, which may include replacing windows with Energy Star rated models. Insulation

With the rapid growth of smart home technology and the increase in numbers of homeowners using devices like Amazonrsquo;s Alexa, experts were asked how they felt that homeowners would benefit most from this technology. 44 replied that they felt that smart lighting was going to be the way that most homeowners used this technology in order to save energy. Smart lighting involves bulbs that sense a personrsquo;s presence and digital timers that can ensure the lights arenrsquo;t on when people are home. Whatrsquo;s Motivating Homeowners

Itrsquo;s likely not gas and water mix a surprise to most homeowners that experts are saying that the biggest driving factor behind efficient design is the monetary savings it brings. The cost of electricity in the residential sector is expected to rise to 13.45 cents per kilowatthour by 2020, with the costs of gas, oil, and other fuels rising as well. Homeowners wanting to offset these costs will be wise to make improvements to the efficiency of their home design in the near future. Rising Awareness about environmental concerns

While most homeowners are predominately motivated by potential energy savings, this doesnrsquo;t mean theyrsquo;re unaware of their personal impact on the environment. The survey shows that most people are more aware of environmental concerns today than they have been in the past. Since most people report that the country should be taking steps to help the environment, it makes sense that some of that awareness is trickling down to how people view and work on their homes as well. Make Your Home More Efficient in 2019

By paying attention to trends, such as those uncovered in Fixrrsquo;s Energy-Efficient Home Design Trends of 2019, you can harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf make better choices for your home. This is important because it can not only save you money now, it can make your home easier to sell. Homebuyers are also looking for the same savings and energy efficient designs, so investing is a smart way to capitalize both now and in the future. Be sure to check out the full survey for more information, and make sure that your home is up to date and efficient before energy costs begin to rise again.

With a 200,000 home the minimum down payment amount is 7,000. There are also closing costs that have to be considered plus funds for an insurance policy, property taxes and impound accounts. When everything is all said and done the minimum cash to close could exceed 10,000 or more. Thatrsquo;s a number that first time buyers look at and it can seem a bit formidable for many.

First time home buyer grants are free money. A grant can be used to cover the down electricity and magnetism study guide answers payment and contribute toward closing costs. Typically, the grant does not have to be paid back as long as the buyers own the home for at least three years. Second liens are also available to help out with a down payment. These funds are in the form of a loan and not a grant. Again, if the owners keep the home for at least three years, the loan is forgiven.

For most of these programs the standard definition of a first time home buyer applies. To qualify as a first time buyer, the borrowers must not have owned a home within the past three years. This means someone who owned a home four or five years ago may still be eligible for down payment assistance reserved for first timers. How does a lender know if someone qualifies as a first time buyer? Unless someone paid all cash for a previous home electricity 101 episode 1, there will be a mortgage listed on a credit report. The report will show when the mortgage was opened and when it was paid off. If three years have passed since the previous mortgage was retired, the buyers qualify for a first time home buyer loan.

Of course, just because someone qualifies as a first time home buyer it may not always the best choice. Thatrsquo;s a conversation that needs to be had between the buyers and their loan officer. But if someone is buying a first home and is wanting a little financial help with the necessary cash to close, first time buyer programs more than fill that need.