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The primary of the Terra system is Sol, an ordinary yellow main sequence star. It has a luminosity of 1 Sol, a mass of 1 Sol, and a diameter of 1.391 million km. Sol retains a family of four inner rocky worlds, a stony planetoid belt, four outer gas giant worlds, and an outer ring of icy worldlets and debris:

Regions of Terra: Terra’s capital is the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the most urbanized and industrialized regions of the world are located in the South American continent, the Caribbean region, and the southern part of the African continent. Terra likewise boasts many undersea arcologies, mostly located in the Pacific Ocean region.

• The great northern desert once known as the Sahara has been mostly reclaimed and converted into a mutli-million hectare stretch of farmland. A hydrological project begun during the Rule of Man caused the flooding of the Qattara Depression in the old Libyan Desert region and the diversion of the Nile River, bringing a cooler, moister climate to much of the Sahara region.

• Africa today is prosperous and cosmopolitan, with the most advanced Imperial technology available there. The AECO (Africa-Europe Cooperation Organization) Starport lies on the shores of the flooded Chott Djerid, in what was once eastern Algeria. Southern Africa is the busiest financial district on the planet, with the Terran Exchange headquartered in old Johannesburg, although most of the trade occurs on the global information net.

• During the early years of the Long Night, much of the West Siberian Plain was flooded, creating a new arm of the Arctic Ocean of approximately the same size as the Mediterranean Sea. Combined with the warming climate, much of Siberia has become a fertile and agriculturally productive area.

• Eastern Asia has remained a somewhat culturally insular region for thousands of years, and is one of the few significant regions of the planet where people still use a native ancestral language as their first language as opposed to Anglic.

• LaGrange Starport in Western Australia is a busy military starport which services a military reservation taking up much of the Australian desert. Imperial Navy and IISS headquarters are located at Alice Springs. While the port does see some civilian traffic bound for Asia and Oceania, the majority of port traffic is governmental and military.

• Home of 1 billion people, mostly around the Mediterranean. Northern Europe is a quiet region full of preserved towns and cities, where many ancient folkways endure. The University of Terra is centered in Europe, with major campuses in Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

• Most of the population of North and Central America live in the regions of old Mexico or the Caribbean, which is today one of the most densely populated regions of the planet and home to many of the planet’s most aggressive entrepreneurs. There is a continuous line of arcologies and undersea cities stretching the entire distance from Boston to Trinidad.

• Phoenix Mesa Starport (a.k.a. "Starport Paulo") is located in the southwestern region of the North American continent, just southwest of the city of Phoenix. Over two-thirds of Terra’s merchant traffic passes though this one starport. Like several other ancient cities, the North American city of New York has been preserved (and protected from higher sea-levels) by being encased within a giant transparent dome.

• High in the Andes Mountain Range on the shores of Lake Titicaca lies the Imperial Residence. Originally built as the official residence of the Solomani Confederation Secretary General in 876, the estate has since become the residence of the planet’s Imperial military governor, Imperial Army General Stanislav Gasai, and more recently has been slated to be the residence of Terra’s assigned Imperial noble.

Terra is also known as Earth. Origin world of the genetic stock from which all races of Humaniti descended, former capital of the Terran Confederation, former capital of the Terran Mercantile Community (TMC), which later became the Old Earth Union, and former capital of the Solomani Autonomous Region. The word Terran (used in the past to refer to an inhabitant of this world or to a citizen of the Terran Confederation) is derived from the name of this world.

• Terra today is an important high-population garden world orbiting the star Sol in Sol Subsector of the Solomani Rim. The system is a member of the Imperium and contains both a Naval Base and a Way Station. Terra is currently under military rule.