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Myself and my two teenage boys, have just got back from a 5-day visit. The Kalahari is absolutely fantastic, and it’s one of the best Park’s in Africa. This is my 4th visit, but first for 20 years, and when it comes to bureaucracy, things have got a lot worse. For electricity in india voltage our 5 nights, we’d booked 3 nights camping 2 nights in chalets – but because of the lack of availability online, one of the chalets was for 2 people whilst the other was for 4. The staff at the main gate, wouldn’t allow 3 people in a 2-pax chalet, and so we were forced to either spend another R1500 to upgrade to a 4-pax chalet, or go for 4-nights camping 1 night in a chalet. With very expensive daily Park Fees for non-residents, we went for the 4 nights camping 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. The overall booking was therefore R1200 cheaper than we’d originally booked. However, they wouldn’t refund us this, but instead chose to call it a ‘modification fee’….. which at R1200 is, by any standards, tantamount to robbery. The thing that really annoyed, is that if we’d chosen 2 chainz smoking on that gas to amend the booking by up-trading and spending more, the system would have had no problem taking more money. This is the sort of shoddy behaviour that leaves a bad taste in the mouth! More Show less

Thirty years ago we spent several days in what was then the Kalahari Gemsbok Park. We loved it then – although our memories were somewhat warped by recalling freezing nights in Mutter Mutter and kids picking up thorns in their feet. This time just three much older couples (and maybe wiser) with no kids to worry about. And what a treat it was – it was such a privilege to be back in this incredible park. We are not hard core wilderness campers – those of the 4×4 and roof top tents/bush trailer variety. We had our tents and made sure we would not gas bubbles in colon be cold as not only does it get down to well below zero once the sun goes down, but also the sun does not rise till well after 7. So be prepared for cold nights and warm days. We stuck to the main fenced camps staying at Twee Rivieren and Nossob,exiting hassle free through Mata Mata into Namibia. What a delight to find that we were able to get Namibian cell phone cards from enterprising and very helpful officials! But to the beginning – this electricity usage is becoming a very popular gateway park into either Namibia (as we did) or Botswana. As a result it is essential to make your booking as early as possible otherwise it may be difficult for you to have either the length of trip you want or the camps that you would prefer. And of course depending how far you move off the frictional electricity examples beaten trail, your requirements for self sufficiency and a 4×4 will increase. The other thing which people must remember – don’t think if you just show up at Twee Rivieren you will be let in!! It may well appear there is plenty of camping room available, but they are deliberately ensuring that there is comfortable space for those who have booked and are not over stressing gas nozzle keeps stopping the facilities. So your options would be to drive back to Upington – some 250k – or to try your luck at one of the very expensive lodges nearby. We are fans of this park. Yes there is plenty of wild life, but your trip becomes so much more worthwhile if you take the time to look around you – study the bird life (just check out the tree tops for the raptors!); observe the flora and fauna; check out the weaver nests – you may well get lucky and see a honey badger raid, as we did; and of course the gemsbok are there in herds. What magnificent animals they are. probably my favourite of all the great antelopes. Lions you will see – often in the early morning gas 85 octane near water holes – and you may well be lucky enough to see a Leopard waiting patiently by the road. This park does not disappoint. But, give yourself time. Enjoy the picnic spots. Stop at the waterholes and just relish being in the bush, miles away from the normal distractions we have every day. And thank God that you are still privileged to see the magnificence – and yes, often the cruelty – of HIs electric utility companies in florida creation. By the way, a super resource to help you plan your trip – and get really excited about it – is to buy, beg or borrow Kgalagadi self-drive by Powell vd Berg. You won’t regret it.