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I’d lived in the Huntsville, AL area for several years and unclaimed baggage center had always been a necessary detour en route Chattanooga or Atlanta. It was the place to find quirky bargains and stuff you didn’t see elsewhere. There’s also a coffee shop in the place which serves Starbucks so if you really needed a coffee fix, you knew where to get it. Well, no more. I spent a couple gsa 2016 new orleans of years away from this area and having returned recently went there yesterday on a whim and thinking I could show my new wife a local attraction, world famous in Alabama. VERY disappointing. I concur with the previous reviewer, the prices are ridiculously power outage houston report high. Most items there that cost more than they would brand new in a discount store like Target, Walmart or Fred’s or sometimes even Dollar Tree. We did end up buying a few small mugs to drink tea in. In the past a trip has paid off, for instance my mom found a half knit crochet shawl with the rest of the string intact and she was able to finish it. In the past we’ve also found books priced at 50c or a couple of bucks but this time everything seemed to be priced way way high. Of course we still saw folks lugging away cartfuls of goods. Maybe they knew something we didn’t. My advice, stay away unless you really need the coffee.

I would have to concur with negative reviews after a visit in early December 2007. I had last gone there some 8 or so years earlier; they’ve added more space, but the fundamentals haven’t changed. Despite the appealing concept and the best astrid y gaston lima menu prices kept secret nature of the unjustifiably bubbly reviews the place has had, prices are way too high and odds are you will be disappointed. Here’s the crux of the problem: If something is ordinary (e.g. a Wal-Mart brand of pants, slightly worn), it’ll probably be marked under $10, maybe even electricity omd closer to $5. Same ballpark as thrift stores, maybe 20-50% more but not a budget buster. Fine so far. But if there’s any kind of brand name associated with the item, the sky’s the limit. A brand item might be priced at FOUR to SIX times a generic, even though the brand item might be used. You’ll see $80 and $100 suits, $150 leather shoes and similar pricing spreads on other items like shirts, sometimes exceeding outlet prices types of electricity consumers! The pricers must have a real whip cracked over them to always err on the high side. Even an across-the-board half-off sale would not be enough of a cut on some of the items. Surprisingly, the selection of suitcases (the one item you’d think they could offer incredible deals on) was very skimpy and skewed toward very marked-up name-brands on soft-sided rolling models. No deals there. The other big thing people look at, besides clothes, is electronics, especially cameras and ipods and the like. Again, prices are bp gas locations way too high. There were numerous models of 4MP digital cameras around $140. Maybe you’ll get a lithium battery or memory card with that, but it’s used, you don’t know if something is wrong with it (a sticking shutter is a common problem on small digital cameras) and you don’t usually get the whole outfit or much in the way of warranties. Compare that to a recent sale with Fry’s (also online) where 7 MP new cameras with full box and warranties were going from $170-200. Given the last-year’s-model nature of the stock, the fact that the cameras are used, and the other uncertainties involved, I’d expect the 4 MP models at Unclaimed Baggage Center to be around $70, not gas vs electric oven temperature $140. It looks like they’re generally around 20-25% less than if you buy the items new, and that isn’t good enough. And I’ll use the M word here,,,part of the problem may be that they’re a monopoly if they’re the only liquidator of unclaimed airline bags in the country. But I think the greater part is people not demanding a good enough bargain. Maybe they just don’t like to drive all that way and end up empty-handed, so they talk themselves into thinking they got a deal. This looks to be a very lucrative operation, but for all the wrong reasons if you’re a customer. It’s about a 60 mile round-trip total detour to get there from the South Pittsburg 3 gases that cause acid rain exit (u.S. 72) on I-24, and about 100 round-trip miles from Chattanooga. I did it as a detour on an Atlanta-Nashville trip on a Saturday. Thankfully the trip was saved by stopping by a store across the street (TO unclaimed baggage, I think they call it). It’s smaller, quirky and open only 3 days a week. You’re more likely to find something odd than valuable, but the prices are much gas 66 more reasonable. I’m not sure how much stuff comes from unclaimed bags; maybe they sell the stuff UBC doesn’t want to bother with. There’s also a Goodwill store in Scottsboro on the road to UBC (if coming in from the north and following signs from U.S. 72). It’s a fair size and always hit-or-miss, but I found a couple of things there. All in all, if you still must go, don’t say you weren’t warned.