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I am originally from Russia but currently reside in Canada. This is my favourite circus ever! My parents used to take me there since I was 4 years old. Even as a grown up when I visit relatives almost every year I follow the tradition and visit the circus. It is so much fun and they always have electricity electricity song great shows! The best thing about this circus is that their arena is interchangeable, it adopts to the types of season and shows they have. The area can change from ice rink to a water tank/pool, to a netted enclosure for working with dangerous animals. The food is good electricity will not generally cause, they have the one or two odd traditional meals like the Plombir ice cream (pretty good) and of course the cotton candy! They have rides for the kids outside before the show starts. Usually there are two intermissions during the show. No cameras or recording equipment is permitted during the actual show but they don’t tell you that gas x extra strength vs ultra strength in English, they have signs 🙁 So if you have a chance to grab a memory or two I suggest you do so before the show starts, and if you can sneak a few without flash that would be neat as well if you’re good at that. For those that are driving, there isn’t really a parking there, the easiest is to take the metro (Prospect Vernadskogo). It will take you straight to the circus, just cross the road and you are there, the dome is seen as soon as you get on to ground level from the metro. Never a dull moment in this circus! Always a great time, they know how to tell a story. The animals, the acrobats, they make adults go wow never mind electricity through wood the little ones. Anyone can visit, couples, families with young children or teens, friends, I don’t suggest to go solo ..no fun in that but if you are up for it then why not. I totally recommend anyone of any age group to visit the circus, trust me you will to regret!

I went to this circus as part of a top deck group.Our guide warned us beforehand that we were gas 2016 the first group to go to this circus as part of the tour and warned us that she had gas jockey heard that the animals may have well been mistreated. Upon entering the arena it was evident that some of the animals weren’t enjoying themselves. Cheetahs, bears posing for photos not looking anywhere near as majestic as they would in the wild. The opening further proved uncomfortable as a bear cub was subject to walking around on its hind legs. Most people in our group felt uncomfortable at this sight. It has to be said the acrobats and the clown were quite enjoyable and were definitely worth price of admission electricity electricity schoolhouse rock. However the tigers looked disinterest and weren’t impressive, which suggested to us that there may well have been some mistreatment there. The seals were very entertaining. Although we couldn’t help but note they had scars on them. Upon leaving everyone in the group was debating what they had seen. It’s hard to judge if these animals had been saved from certain electricity kwh cost calculator death by the circus or just captured for entertainment purpose. However the treatment of the bear cub for me was enough to suggest that the animals were subject to mistreatment. If it had of been just the acrobats and clowns I would have had a far more enjoyable experience.You have been warned.