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The Terrigal Wamberal tent will be located outside the track opposite the first long jump pit – just a bit along from the track marshalling tent. Please check in upon arrival so that your athlete can be given their Zone Representative Shirt (a gift from the club as a reward for their participation and as sun protection) and you can receive further instruction about your volunteer duties.

Athletes and parents are encouraged to stay within the Terrigal Wamberal tent area to meet new friends, cheer on other athletes and be alerted to marshalling calls. gas efficient cars under 15000 As a reminder, this is not a “drop and go” event – if you are not rostered on for a duty, you are expected to be looking after your athlete. Committee members are located in the Terrigal-Wamberal tent at all times. If you need to report to a duty, please let one of us know so that we can ensure your athlete gets to their events when marshalled. electricity in salt water Volunteer Duties

All our duties are fairly easy and straightforward. electricity usage by state If you are a Friday morning set up volunteer, please find Committee members Dave or Carmen at Mingara and they will guide you. If you are a Friday night Javelin volunteer, please report to April at the Javelin. Friday Medals set up, you will be responsible for organizing the medals for the weekend – Friday events, Saturday events, Sunday events etc. chapter 7 electricity Other Friday volunteers, report to either the medals tent or the green shed (runners and results) and you will be instructed on what to do. zyklon b gas canister for sale Saturday and Sunday volunteers check in at the Terrigal Wamberal tent and you will be instructed on what to do.

Parents of the following athletes still need to sign up for volunteer duty: Emmy & Cooper Clark, Mina Humphreys, Lucey Conn, Sophie Eliopoulou, Harper & Talan Beatty, Isabel Walsh, Jess Stone, Spencer Atkins, Ally Cremer, Mieke Oosthuizer, Lilly Hofer, Thomas & India-Rose Barnett, Katie O’Mara, Gabriella Healy, Kai Bailey, Olive Erikson. You will need to sign up for duty at the Terrigal Wamberal tent before your athlete competes. n gas in paris lyrics Some others have signed up for duties but not enough – when you check in we will advise what else you need to do. Weather

On Sunday afternoon, there are several 4x100m relays – junior girls (1 x U9, 1x U10, 1 x U11 and 1x U12), junior boys (1 x U9, 1x U10, 1 x U11 and 1x U12), senior girls (1 x U13, 1x U14, 1 x U15 and 1x U17) and senior boys (1 x U13, 1x U14, 1 x U15 and 1x U17). Participants for these relays will be selected from the field of athletes who participate in the 100m sprint at zone. Places will be offered based on times at zone – where a participate is in a lower age bracket but finishes faster than a participate in an older age bracket, that athlete will be invited to run “up” so that the relay consists of the fastest runners available. Participation in the relay at Zone does not guarantee participation in the relay at Region. gas ks Final 2018 Zone Program

The top 3 placegetters automatically advance to the Region Championships and then additional spots are awarded to athletes based on times – so it is possible that athletes who place fourth, fifth, sixth – or even more may advance. These spots are not known until all other zones in our region complete their championships. The Region Championships take place the weekend of Feb ___. If you automatically qualify and you know you cannot make it, please let Michele Simos know as we need to notify the Region so that additional athletes may be contacted to attend.