Tesla raises model y prices by $1k, will raise inventory car prices april 2 – electrek u save gas station grants pass


When the Model Y was unveiled, we were treated to a slide with prices of the various option configurations that would be available when the car comes out. Tesla also electricity bill nye started taking orders the night of the unveil. On Tesla’s website, these same prices were listed for the available configurations. As of now, the “standard range” pack is not available on Tesla’s “ design your car” site, but the other configurations are. With today’s changes gas bijoux soho, all three available configurations (Long Range, Long Range AWD, and Performance) are $1k more expensive than the prices shown at the unveiling event.

The prices listed on the website gas buddy are now $48k, $52k and $61k for the LR, LR AWD and Performance models respectively. Customers who have already put down a deposit are still seeing the old price on their order summary page, though. We do not have confirmation from Tesla whether they will keep the original prices for those who have already put down a deposit or not, but it looks promising for those faithful who jumped to place an early order.

In addition to the Model Y price changes, a small bump was announced to bring inventory car pricing back in line with 6 gases new car pricing. Tesla will raise prices of inventory cars by ~3% at midnight on April 2. This times up well with the end of the quarter for Tesla (March 31), but gives customers one more day, the entirety of April 1st (until midnight), to make an order. So if you’re thinking about a Tesla inventory car, then take gasbuddy trip note.

This is true, when dealerships are taken into account. While it’s rare for manufacturers to change the MSRP of a car without changing option configurations or model years, it is very common for dealerships to change prices. Manufacturers can also offer incentives u gas hampton to dealers to move certain car models, so the effect for the customer is that prices do change a lot.

This concept was communicated gas in oil pressure washer in a companywide email by Musk in 2016. In that email he said: “The acid test is that if you can’t explain to a customer who paid full price why another customer didn’t without being embarrassed, then it is not right. We either win in a way that is fair and right or we lose with our honor intact and accept the consequences.”

To be clear, this Model Y change isn’t too big of a deal, again, because the car isn p gasol’t out yet. Neither is the inventory pricing a very big deal, 3% isn’t a whole lot and pricing varies on inventory cars anyway (either used or “new” cars which have been floor or test drive models). Fluctuations are expected when buying any used or floor model product.

But if Tesla is going to bill 76 gas station hours itself as a different kind of company, with a different sales model, where customers can be confident they don’t need to worry about haggling or timing their purchases correctly to get the best bang for their buck, then they need to do better than trying to rationalize this practice by saying “well, everyone else does it.” You’re not everyone else, you’re Tesla. You can be better than everyone else – after all gas prices in michigan, you make better cars than everyone else – so why not do so?