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Kansas is 1-7 in the Big 12, but they aren’t as bad as they have been in years past. electricity billy elliot backing track They posted 350 yards rushing on Oklahoma and 40 points. Granted, Oklahoma’s defense is awful, but their runningback Pookah Williams is legitimately good and is more than capable of hitting deep runs on our defense if we lack assignment soundness again. Still, it should be a game Texas wins as long as we don’t come out stupid.

Ehlinger was off. I am uncertain if it is partially due to his shoulder, but also made some poor decisions. His no interception streak ended, but Kansas has actually been good at turning teams over this year. gas density and molar mass He made some nice plays, including a bulldozing run for a touchdown, but it was definitely one of his lesser performances. Some of the missed throws to open receivers were cringeworthy.

One of their better games, though granted, Kansas wasn’t exactly tricky to defend. We saw a lot more nickel against with McCulloch or Ossai at B-backer, and McCulloch balled out with some great plays, including tipping an interception to himself and returning it for big yardage. Gary Johnson, unfortunately, got himself suspended before the game for breaking team rules, so hopefully he’s angry this Saturday. Wheeler was alright. Going into nickel really helps this group play run D better, but the problem is that it might not be feasible to stay in nickel against Oklahoma who likes to put speedy receivers all over the field.

I thought Locke played a fine game and set the edge with physicality. He did get blocked on Pookah’s long TD run, but Sterns was the one who drifted inside and gave him an alley. Brandon Jones played well until we put him at punt returner and he got knocked out of the game. Reportedly he’ll be good to go against OU, and I hope so: We really need him back there.

In all likelihood, we’re playing a lot of dime this Saturday, so we need these boys to be ready to go. electricity and magnetism online games No mental mistakes like Locke not being ready and allowing a bomb for a TD again. No mistakes like Brandon Jones taking a poor angle and letting Kyler Murray race off. Make OU crawl down the field and execute with physicality every play rather than letting them get cheap scores off of blown coverages and the like.

Not a good game for special teams. Buj’s punts were line drives that are begging for returns, and we field punts poorly. In fairness, it was windy, but we gave up a lot of yards by not fair catching. Brandon Jones needs to be told to protect himself; he’s too important a player. thermal electricity how it works Our hands team on that onside was also spotty. Collin Johnson, rather than using his big frame to snag the ball, batted it out of bounds, which is illegal and allowed KU another kick. grade 9 electricity unit review We then screwed up a clear chance to catch the next one. Yes, we recovered it anyway and the refs blew it big time by giving the ball to Kansas before they secured it, but it still shouldn’t have gotten to that point.

Oklahoma looms, who quite luckily escaped Morgantown with a win. I may write a preview later, but not much has changed since the first time we played: Their offense might be the best in the country, but their defense is as bad as their offense is good. If an offense avoids self-destructive mistakes, they’ll move the ball at will against the worst Oklahoma defense I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, Sam is ready to go and shakes off the mistakes he made against Kansas. It’ll be a fun and very unique game.