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In order to become certified as a teacher in Texas, the Office of Educator Certification of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) ( 512-936-8400) will expect you to graduate with a bachelor’s degree at minimum from an approved teacher preparation program.

If you completed teacher preparation in another country, you must have your foreign credentials evaluated by one of the foreign credential evaluator providers listed here. That evaluation must then be submitted to TEA for review before Texas teaching certification can be issued. Certification Options

Some Texas teacher preparation programs may allow you to take Pre-Admission Content Testing (PACT). This is possible only if you have never earned a bachelor’s degree and have never been admitted to a state-approved teacher preparation program. These exams allow you to demonstrate mastery of content areas and are the same as certification exams. Certification tests for teacher content areas are administered by various testing services. They are as follows:

All students in Texas’s teacher preparation programs will be involved in both a practicum and a student teaching/internship experience. The practicum is engaged in as a component of the education courses that will be part of your teacher preparation program, and will involve observation in the classroom setting as well as some opportunities to lead lessons.

The student teaching portion of your program is most valuable. Most Texas colleges and universities require students to participate in student teaching directly in the classroom setting, full-time, for a period of between 12 and 20 weeks. You will be placed into a classroom consistent with the grade level and subject area in which you wish to teach once certified. An experienced teacher will host you, observing your progress and performance. You will be evaluated during your student teaching experience by your mentor teacher as well as by a field supervisor from your teacher preparation program. Document and Application Requirements

Once you have met all educational, examination, and experience requirements, you may apply for your Standard Teaching Certificate in Texas. This may be done through the Educator Certification Online System. In addition to providing information in the online application, you will need to forward the following information to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Office of Educator Certification William B. Travis Building, 1701 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, 78701:

If you are applying for Texas teacher certification for the first time, you must have a national criminal history background check run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This will involve fingerprinting. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the background check and fingerprinting. You will be given more information on this process from your teacher preparation program or when you apply online for standard certification.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recommends that you use the Fingerprint Applicant Service of Texas (FAST). This program, offered by the Texas Department of Public Safety, provides electronic capture and submission of your fingerprints through live scan technology. Contact Information

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State estimations based on analysis by Richard Ingersoll, Professor of Education and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, from the National Center for Education Statistics Student and Staffing Survey, and therefore include a slight margin of error.