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J Arkansas comes in third in the U.S. as the highest obesity rate. Wonder what we owe this to. Could it be our fine southern cuisine and slow paced easy living. [Editor’s Note: While I will shout from the rooftops extolling the virtues of bacon grease-based cooking and the philosophy of “just add butter,” but speak for yourself on the “slow paced easy living. ” We keep a calendar at home and there are currently a grand total of TWO blank spaces on it betweennowandJuly1st] God is our only hope! If we really want to see some positive changes in our community, then parents need to get up and act like parents. Take your children to church to learn of and establish a relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

The problem is that we are taking Christ out of everything (out of our homes, out of school, out of children) yet evil has free range to rum rampant but we expect something good to happen. John Chapter 15 tells us clearly that we can do nothing apart from God.

HE is the living God, HE is the vine and we are the branches. Try separating a tree limb from and tree and see will it continue to grow and prosper. THINK ON THESE THINGS…. It is time to stand up and put the love of God back in our community and it starts with adults becoming responsible adults. For we all will be held accountable for all we have done and for all that we didn’t do! Again I say THINK ON THESE THINGS.

[Editors Note: I’m with you. I really am. And I think a lot of folks who will read this would be with you as well. The problem you run into is that there are plenty of people who just don’t put any emphasis at all on doing the “right thing,” especially what Christian values tell us is the “right thing. ”

If you don’t believe in God or the Bible, then it will have no impact on your life, your behavior or how you raise your children. Now I will give you that you don’t necessarily have to go to church to be “religious” or whatever, but just looking at numbers, about 35 percent of Americans attend church or engage in a faith-based worship service at least once a week. That means that 65 percent of Americans are doing nothing or next to nothing to immerse themselves or their families in anything that might lead to living an upright life based on faith.

And if there’s nothing from God guiding your moral compass, then what is guiding you? Something else, and that something else can and often does lead down a dangerous path] I’ve noticed for a long time now that there is a Bedding, Electronics and Appliance store operating 7 days a week in a residential area of West Memphis for over a year and what’s scary is that our police do nothing about it and unless they are all blind they have to see this is going on. I’m all for a small business owner — just go rent a building. Don’t saturate our city with strangers from everywhere to our neighborhood to shop. Go down town like everyone else and run a legitimate business.

It could definitely hurt the overall visual appeal of the neighborhood to see a driveway with washers and d/yers and an open garage full of dining room furniture and bedroom suites, so I get it. And if nothing else, it’s definitely against city ordinance, unless they have a permit or a privilege license, which I would probably expect they don’t. So, what I would propose is, if it bothers you enough, just call the West Memphis Police Department. They a?~e handling code enforcement in the city. Just make sure they know what’s up, and I’ll bet that it getshandledquickly] Trump been in office for a half of a year we are about to have 3$ gas prices. [Editor’s Note: Yeah, I’m not happy about this. I get a weekly fuel price update and it always gives a five-year report on gas prices for the week of the report. This time last year, the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.07. It was basically the same in 2016 ($2.05), down fivm $2.45 in 2015. You have to go back to 2014, when gas was $3.37 a gallon to get back to three-plus dollais a gallon. But yes, based on how they have been raising the rates over the past several days, it looks like we’ll break the $3 mark by June (if not sooner).]