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Although soldiers in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are most commonly seen carrying M16 rifles and M4 carbines made in the United States, the Israel Military Industries (IMI) Galil was their official rifle for almost two decades. During the Six Day War In 1967, the IDF captured thousands of AK47 assault rifles for later evaluation and found they were more reliable and controllable than the current issued battlerifle: the FAL. Searching for a suitable replacement, designer Yisrael Galil offered up an alternative in the form of a RK 62 type variant chambered in 5.56x45mm. The resulting rifle adopted by the IDF was issued in four versions, one of which was the compact MAR, better known as the Micro Galil.

Fast forward a few decades, and here we are in the U.S. with our cumbersome import laws and the modern Galil ACE in 5.56mm or 7.62×39. However, for shooters or collectors looking for a unique rifle with a slice of history, one company is taking genuine Micro Galil parts kits and building pistols or Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs) chambered in 300BLK. JAXX Industries in Henderson, Nevada is making retro clone builds from actual parts kits, complete with real service wear. I was lucky enough to borrow one over the winter months and, complete with SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace (PSB), humped it through the snow and ice, deep into the northeast woods – a bit out of its original design elements. Overall, this is an awesome rifle with a lot of character. But, you should stick around for the details.

Typical Micro Galil carbines featured a right side, almost top charging action with a handle that pointed upwards for easier offhand manipulations. JAXX uncovered some very rare left side charging kits that obviously reciprocates, but includes a spring loaded dust cover that keeps dirt, debris and errant fingers out of the action. My handle was beautifully rubbed down to bare metal.

Which brings up a good point: to my knowledge, all of the kits JAXX used for these builds are used, not unissued guns: a feature I would prefer if I was a buyer. However, some shooters may be looking for a pristine build, so it’s best to call or email JAXX before you purchase.

I really enjoyed my time with this rifle pistol. As carbines go, it was ergonomic enough to shoulder comfortably and the recoil behind even the supersonic rounds was completely manageable. Using subsonic ammo and my Dead Air KYMO outfitted SilencerCo Saker 762, pulling the trigger is a mesmerizing experience – the action noise clacks back and forth like a large sewing machine.

The most interesting ammunition I had the chance to test with this gun was the Inceptor Short Range ‘Sport Utility’ round that is a pressed copper polymer 88gr bullet that is frangible – perfect for steel targets at close ranges. These rounds chambered, fired and ejected without issue and held a steady point of aim/point of impact.

The only malfunctions I suffered during my evaluation period came using the Sig Elite Performace ammunition. Using the IMI magazine, the rounds would nose dive prior to chambering. Because of the uniqueness of the platform itself, it would be unfair to place blame on the gun or the ammunition. Among other considerations, the magazines are made to feed 5.56x45mm. Honestly, I would have been surprised if I didn’t experience some sort failure to feed or failure to extract malfunction. Each gun is made from a parts kit, each with a bit of character.

The subsonic target loads from Discreet Ballistics all functioned perfectly, with a pleasant tone out of the 9.5” barrel and SilencerCo Saker. Although it would be a waste for me as target/plinking rounds, Discreet Ballistics offers some formidable 188gr copper “Selous” hollow points that would be an interesting pair with the Micro Galil. Both types are precision loaded for repeatability.

One of the hardest questions I had to answer surrounding this review was who is the intended customer and who would most appreciate this build. On the one hand, I would prefer a more traditional 5.56x45mm SBR build, staying as close as possible to the original design. On the other hand, 5.56 in a barrel this length makes little sense, and 300BLK is wicked fun to suppress. And the PSB makes purchasing and traveling with the JAXX Micro Galil a bit easier than dealing with NFA wait times.

All that said, this is a unique, fun and historical pistol/rifle that is fun to shoot and own. If the near $3K price tag fits into your budget, I highly doubt you will regret the purchase. For those with elevated levels of patience, my suggestion would be to opt for the SBR version.

Originally made by Israeli Military Industries, the Micro Galil’s production was highly limited, making it very rare to even come across. This sought after, subcompact version of the standard Galil assault rifle was especially popular with Israeli Police and Special Forces Units.

Rarer yet than the Micro Galil itself are the left side charging variants of this scarce model. JAXX Industries recently came into a small lot of left-side-charging Micro Galil kits, and as the eccentric suppression-addicts that we are, our team just had to reproduce the Micro Galil in .300BLK for the civilian market! This is now one of the only rifle caliber PDW’s on the market today and the first and only Micro Galil chambered in .300 AAC Blackout. Paired with one of our custom made, lightweight Titanium Micro Galil suppressors, the JAXX .300BLK Micor Galil still comes in at a shorter overall length than most carbines on the market! Check these out while they’re still available.