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Thalia Grace is the daughter of Zeus, one of the "Big Three" Greek Gods, the other two being Poseidon and Hades. Grover Underwood was meant to watch over her when she ran away from home at ten years old, reaching Camp Half-Blood two years later. On her journey, she met Annabeth Chase and Luke Castellan. They had brief encounters with the Hunters of Artemis, and were almost convinced to join, but got angry with Zoe Nightshade and did not join. When she was twelve, they were all attacked by a herd of monsters and caught by a Cyclops in New York. She was captured, but thanks to Annabeth, freed. They ran, but the monsters they had briefly escaped from caught up to them. As they reached Half-Blood Hill, Thalia sent Luke, Grover, and Annabeth over the boundary line while she faced the monsters. She sacrificed her life for her friends, but her father Zeus took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree to preserve her, keeping the rest of the camp safe. [2]

Thalia is a very skilled fighter and as she stated in The Titan’s Curse; she can always beat Luke in a battle (which Percy has only done once). It is also mentioned throughout the series that she has a punk sort of style, hates Barbie dolls, and likes Green Day. She is always listening to rock bands and is into the punk subculture. Annabeth compares her to Percy, telling him, "You guys are so alike it’s scary. Either you would have been best friends, or you would have strangled each other."

Thalia wants to be strong as many people believe, but sometimes is very sensitive. She loves Chiron as a father and believes that her father does not care about her. She deeply respects Poseidon but does not know why. Her favorite god is Pan. She is also known to like cheeseburgers, mentioned twice in the series. She also appears reluctant to use her mother’s surname. In the books [ change | change source ] The Lightning Thief [ change | change source ]

Thalia and Percy quarrel occasionally at camp because their similar personalities tend to clash. Thalia is called "Pinecone Face" by Percy; in retaliation, she calls him "Seaweed Brain", which Percy does not like because it’s Annabeth’s pet name for him. Thalia goes on the quest to find Artemis, hunt down the dangerous Ophiotaurus Artemis was seeking, and rescue Annabeth, along with Percy, Zoë Nightshade, Bianca di Angelo, and Grover. Thalia, Percy, Zoe, Bianca, and Grover come upon the Junkyard of the Gods and told not to take anything from the junkyard, and just as the group is about to leave, a metal giant rises because Bianca took a figurine of her father, Hades, for Nico. Bianca goes inside of the metal giant and tries to control it, causing the giant to fall over and Bianca to die. Together, they face the Titan General, Atlas’s army, and make it to Mount Tamalpais. Already weakened by dragon poison, while facing her father, Atlas, Zoe dies from a final blow from Atlas. There, Thalia fights her old friend Luke, and it seems that she has strong feelings for him, and they discover that Kronos used Thalia to twist destiny into her hands, since she would be turning sixteen on the day following the Winter Solstice. She escaped this deadly path and turned to her half-sister, Artemis, who made her a Hunter, which would stop her from being sixteen, because whoever becomes a Hunter becomes immortal, unless they shall die in battle, or break the oath by falling in love. [3]