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At this festive time of year, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for our fellow engineers. Electricity distribution network Be grateful that we didn’t take up careers in metallurgy, or agriculture, or as stonemasons. On q gas station okc How much do you think those professions have changed in the past hundred years? Compare that to the rapid pace of change in electronics, programming, real-time systems, networking, semiconductor fabrication, wireless technology… everything! We get to work in an area of constant change. Electricity units to kwh We get to see – indeed, sometimes create – constant innovation, progress, and advancement. Gas knife lamb It’s never the same from year to year. List of electricity usage by appliances We get to make the cool stuff. Electricity billy elliot lyrics How many farmers can say that?

I remember the first time I tried the built-in Remote app on my iPhone. Electricity word search puzzle Hmm, I wonder what this does? Wow, the volume on my PC just changed! How did it do that? I couldn’t wait to show this off to a nontechnical bystander. Gasbuddy trip “Hey, check this out! I play with this phone app here and the music playing on my PC over there changes its volume!” Personally, I thought it was the best magic trick I’d seen in a while, but my innocent victim was wholly unimpressed. O goshi technique “Yeah, okay, it’s a remote control. Mp electricity bill payment My TV has one of those. Gas bike alley Can it change the channel, too?”

In hindsight, the Remote app was probably one of those things that seems impressive only if you’re a nerd and you already know how it works. Electricity related words It used my local Wi-Fi network, not a typical IR link, to talk to my PC, commanding it to change volume, pause, or play music. Electricity water hose analogy Naturally, it works only while the phone and the PC are on the same subnet, and only if the PC (or Mac) is running iTunes. Electricity formulas grade 9 Even so, it looks like magic, especially – in fact, only – if you know how tricky it is to make that kind of connection work. Electricity distribution losses To anyone else, it’s just a run-of-the-mill remote control.

Alexa, Siri, and Google Home all use voice input, which is really hard to make work reliably. Emoji gas station Google’s version is even smart enough to disable other Android-based voice-recognition systems within earshot, so that they don’t all respond to you at once. Us electricity supply voltage Pretty clever, and trickier to implement than it might appear. Electricity dance moms song It’s also slightly counterproductive, at least in its current incarnation. Electricity distribution costs Many Android-based phones have more capabilities than the Google Home device does, so disabling them can be a step backwards. Gas blower will not start You can’t tell Google Home to dial a phone number, for example, and since it has “helpfully” disabled your phone, you can’t tell it to call out, either. Electricity and circuits class 6 pdf The solution, for now at least, seems to be to move to another room, outside of its audio range. Electricity usage calculator spreadsheet “Sorry I can’t talk now. Gas yourself Google Home might overhear me.”

I updated my 30-year-old audio gear with an aftermarket Bluetooth receiver. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx Ten bucks. Gas oil ratio Simple. Gas questions Now I can stream audio to my ancient stereo as if it were new. Electricity bill nye worksheet Cool! The little gizmo even talks to you (i.e., it has audio feedback) because, why not? It’s already got an audio output, and a few recorded voice prompts in ROM are cheaper than buttons and an LED display. Gas density of air Yes, we’ve reached the point where making our electronics speak out loud is cheaper than pushing buttons. Gas laws Amazing.

Bluetooth is commonplace in new cars now. Electricity kwh Everyone expects to be able to talk to their car, or on their phone via their car. Wd gaster cosplay tutorial I’ve witnessed a lot of unintended consequences, though. Electricity wiki A friend was standing outside his car when his phone rang. Gas cap code He reached into his pocket to answer the call, but the car had already picked it up and was playing the audio through the car speakers – with the windows rolled up, the doors locked, and my friend standing outside, helpless to talk to the caller. Gas utility We decided the best solution was to walk away until he was out of Bluetooth range and hope for a call back.

New cars have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of processors and can anticipate hills, curves, and refueling stops. Electricity bill cost per month Assuming you’ve programmed your trip into the GPS, they can predict mileage based on the topography of the proposed route, even accelerating slightly before a hill or backing off the gas just as you crest the summit. Gaston y astrid lima Electric cars know where the charging stations are located; gas-powered vehicles can tell when you’re about to pass the “last chance gas station” before running low on fuel. Gas nozzle keeps stopping Who needs to think anymore?

Some cars aim the headlights left or right as you go around corners. Gas vs electric oven cost Others search for wildlife (or pedestrians) using infrared or ultrasonic sensors. When was gas 99 cents in california One new model from Audi had to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it went on sale. Gas leak los angeles california Why? Because the car has laser headlights, and lasers are classified as medical devices.

Then there’s GPS, the mother of all magic tricks. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Imagine waking up from hibernation as someone explains it to you. Electricity magnetism and light “Let me get this straight. E payment electricity bill up There are a bunch of clocks orbiting in space, and I can tell where they are just by checking the time, and somehow figure out from that where I am standing within, like, six feet? Dude, you’re making this up!”

And that stuff’s not even new. Gasbuddy near me Now we have R/C helicopters – aka drones – carrying lightweight video cameras recording onto flash drives, all for less than the price of a bicycle. Gas efficient suv 2013 Combine the drone, the camera, and the GPS and you have an autonomous video platform that can follow a route or just lope around guiding itself. Electricity history facts Suddenly filmmaking, videography, surveillance, privacy, cartography, firefighting, civil aviation, and other disciplines all just took a hit and began rethinking how they work.

You can buy a jump rope embedded with LEDs that displays messages while you swing it around. Gastroparesis Toy slot cars that don’t have slots. Electricity demand An older coworker once told me, only half facetiously, that he thought that the Thermos bottle was the coolest thing ever. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year “It keeps hot things hot; it keeps cold things cold! How does it know?”

I’ve got some cheap garden lights with solar panels on top. Tgask By day, they gather photons; by night, they expend them to power little LED lights. T gas terengganu There’s something oddly pleasing about this artificial form of photosynthesis. Electricity 220v They work. Gas quality by brand They cost nothing, beyond the initial purchase. Electricity questions for class 10 And they require very little maintenance. Electricity generation efficiency Just like real plants.

In the end, maybe that’s where our cool technology is headed: a closer imitation of the natural world. O gascon Our voice-synthesis and speech-recognition systems are already mimicking our natural forms of communication. Gas and supply acworth ga Batteries are just another type of chemical energy storage. Electricity usage in the us Solar cells impersonate photosynthesis. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade And GPS… well, GPS is still just magic.